For The Married (Part 2)

This is the second of a 5-part series. There Francine..happy now? #bighug# 2) TWO'S COMPANY, THREE'S A CROWD Depending on your religious bent, the amount of wives (or husbands) you take is quite irrelevant to the point I am trying to make. Let me explain. I am dealing with "third parties" to a marriage. The … Continue reading For The Married (Part 2)

10 Reasons Why He Will Leave You

Men are a strange lot. I think we mean well mostly. We just seem to possess this darned inability to communicate emotional feelings properly. I knew this to be a fact whilst assessing a public poll via social media I conducted recently. For every five women that spoke to me, only one man did. Even … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why He Will Leave You

10 Reasons Why She Will Leave You

I get called to counsel warring lovers. Of recent these calls have increased in frequency. Many of them, from repeat 'offenders'. Especially married folk. The thread that held marriages of old together, seems to now be out of stock, or made of inferior thread. Or maybe the quality of materials the same old thread is … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why She Will Leave You

My ‘1’

I have always loved you. It has always been you. I fell in love with your mind. These days not so much, your mind has changed. So, the perv in me is now in love with your body. The curious blend of your hair length and skin tone, your flair and feminine charms. Your delicate … Continue reading My ‘1’