Our Times

And so our fellowships torment my thought I see the fires of our passions intermingling Should I... Should I not, but you remember, do you not? Our surreal dance of loving. It is our carnal feast of consumption Let us lay aside manner and etiquette And be as breath be one with life...As a volcano … Continue reading Our Times

In Love & In Lust

Spread delectably before him They love; no restrictions, no taboo No matter the matter, no excuses His advancements meet warm lubrication. I love the way your hands touch me I love watching you touch you You make me scream... goosebumps... Reckless abandon, sweet disposition We have pure magic, you and I. You say "I love … Continue reading In Love & In Lust

What Happens On The HASH… (In Honour Of AH3 18TH ANNIVERSARY)

I just met her. Beautiful. Adele - kinda woman. Yes, she sings too. Quiet. Too quiet actually. But the eyes behind those spectacles...they spoke volumes to me... Within seconds I knew a lot ... She wrote this story. I connected with its plot and I will try to give you a wider perspective... {Beyond Redemption: … Continue reading What Happens On The HASH… (In Honour Of AH3 18TH ANNIVERSARY)

How To Help Your Erection

I have always thought the worst of aphrodisiacs. Did not even believe they worked. I now believe. Trust me, they work. I staunchly refuse to go into any details of my new - found certainty. Well, maybe someday soon. Part of that journey exposed me to the fact that most men are consistently ingesting these … Continue reading How To Help Your Erection

Should You Pay For Sex?

And it came to pass that yours truly,  in compliance with his job description, was posted out to one of the many states in Nigeria. Forgive the ambiguity. Security reasons. As the job (unofficially) demands, the powers that be by the powers vested in them by their offices, desired female entertainment. The onus thereupon fell … Continue reading Should You Pay For Sex?

The Birth Control Pill Is Killing Women, But No One’s Warning Them Of The Risk

"May 7, 2015 (STOPP.org) -- The young newlywed put herself at risk for collapse, stroke, heart attack, and death every day when she popped her birth control pill. Tragically, she had no idea there was any danger. Even medical personnel thought her symptoms were no big deal, and on more than one occasion chalked her symptoms up … Continue reading The Birth Control Pill Is Killing Women, But No One’s Warning Them Of The Risk

10(-ish) Things 10 Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

Okay! First off, I confess that I am way out of my depth on this one. For once though, I got the feeling that there were real feelings communicated to me. Leads me to believe that men have fallen short of several 'glories' severally. The blatant honesty I got off my polls led me to … Continue reading 10(-ish) Things 10 Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Sex

I have always been committed to traumatising the prudes amongst us. I belong to a school of thought that ties a lot to the beautiful art (and act) of sex. We think it is the answer to a lot of things. Idiots! Well, whilst conducting routine research, I stumbled upon this post. "Why hoard these … Continue reading 10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Sex

ATTN: Valentine Alert For All Men!

Culled from: The Business Insider Women, apparently, don't want chocolates or flowers for Valentine's Day. According to Birkbeck University and Harley Street clinics in London, it's a romantic meal for two and sex toys. After hooking up 20 volunteer couples to special electroenchephalogical (EEG) headsets, scientists measured women's brain-wave patterns in response to gifts from their … Continue reading ATTN: Valentine Alert For All Men!

The Proper Way To Sell Your Body

Prostitutes. Whores. Courtesans. Call girls... whatever name you go by; I love you. Now that we have sentimentsslashemotions respectfully expressed, let us proceed. I have had the unique experience of becoming the friend of a prostitute. Two actually. And no, (idiot!) I slept with neither. Time and chance simply happened. We became very fast friends. … Continue reading The Proper Way To Sell Your Body