Human Rights!

Nature's crucible of life She is life's Van Gogh She is not property Please... Hear me. A womb-ed man; A hu... Man She is so much She can be so much I hear say men dey beat women Tabloids say dem rape woman CNN say dem even kill woman... Na wa! She has rights man... … Continue reading Human Rights!

Nah Woman No Cry

If you can manage it Except when you make love to her Do not make her cry often. In retrospect I suffer wisdom Because I learned the hard way Tears make up your love in her heart. Every time you make her cry You deplete her love for you Happy tears though, fill love back … Continue reading Nah Woman No Cry

‘Do They?’

When he has no more money When he 'can not'... When nothing is funny When the 'man's not hot'... When there is another option When there is no sex When she cannot function When she is 'complex'... Then talk about love Then call them your soul mate Then write them poems and songs Then broadcast … Continue reading ‘Do They?’