For You

My soul dances for thee I move to your rhythm my king I belong to you; see me! My spirit is thine my handsome lord For what is the moon absent her sun? I am but thy glory reflected abroad. My body belongs to you my stud Strum my strings, beat my drum... 'Klepto', I … Continue reading For You

Dr. Saint Valentine

I am just a normal woman. As in... I am young and married. I am a mother of two children. The boy is the older one. He is ten years old. I have been married for nearly twelve years now. I know that this fact is not your business. But there is a reason for … Continue reading Dr. Saint Valentine

Human Rights!

Nature's crucible of life She is life's Van Gogh She is not property Please... Hear me. A womb-ed man; A hu... Man She is so much She can be so much I hear say men dey beat women Tabloids say dem rape woman CNN say dem even kill woman... Na wa! She has rights man... … Continue reading Human Rights!