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Dan Ochu-Baiye was born in Nigeria decades ago. He is an outdoorsman and loves to travel. He loves coffee, lions, and, yes, a good story. He is a certified accountant, a blogger and an author. He currently resides in Nigeria with his family, a lot of coffee and his wild imaginations.

Books written by him include:

  • MAY 16
32 Days in September by Dan Ochu-Baiye

32 Days in September

A mash up of flash fiction. 

You, Me And Us by Dan Ochu-Baiye

You, Me And Us

A compendium of poems.

A Decem

A Decem is a Latin translation of ‘A Ten’.

May 16 by Dan Ochu-Baiye

May 16

Sixteen stories. Sixteen pillars of light.

1 LoveAlways by Dan Ochu-Baiye

1 LoveAlways

offspring of two feuding political figures

Book Reviews

These are some of the reviews for the books listed above:

Wooow! What a ruuuuuuuuush! This was soo worth the wait! I loved it! Scary...tumbling...exciting...painful...hurt...confused...all at once. I didn't want it end. I didn't want some stories to end...looked for the beginning a couple of times....really really really good! Thank you for not scaring me the blog! You are the master short story teller of all time in my books now!
on "32 Days In September"
Wao Wao is all I can say. Where is that Mammy lady? I need a billion dollars credited to my account. #lol. Good job, Dan. Good job.
on "32 Days In September"
Incredible! Amazing stories!...just when you think you know where the gist is headed, the plot suddenly redirects and spikes the thrill!
on "May 16"
Well Done. The stories had the right amount of suspense, shock, terror, and longing I always look for. Yes, I wanted more but that's what a good read is meant to do..... Make you want more!!! Awesome read. I highly recommend it
on "32 Days In September"
Very well written and not predictable in any way. couldn't put it down till i finished it... then i wished there was more.
on "1: LoveAlways"

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