A Tale of Two SistersĀ 

"Fury!  Baal-khenaz, I beseech thee May her happiest day be her saddest  I pledge my life as surety  Give her sorrow, shame and stigma...  Fury!!" This tale of two sisters... Where do I start?  One was called Goldie. The other Tiwa. They were neighbors. They were family friends.  They were physically alike. Both beautiful and … Continue reading A Tale of Two SistersĀ 

The Book of De Nial

A psalm of Dan Ibn Ochu-Baiye. By the waters of Jabi lake. As recorded by De Nial. 1. They sought to chain me. My soul was wrought with grief. Yea, they gathered in mischief. They are gathered in iniquity. 2. See Lord, how they have consulted with mediums. How Thy servants name is taken up … Continue reading The Book of De Nial