That Man…

Tell him... That you love him That you long for his body You are ecstasy. He, the fantasy. Court him... There are things that he likes Invest shrewdly; you cannot lose You are the music. He, the lyric. Touch him... Seduce him incessantly Use his body, he is yours You are Qetesh... He, Pothos.

Me ‘And’ You

If you are close friends with my enemy Can you truly be my friend? If you lie to me And I do not trust you Surely this signals an end? You pour me wine Yet I see blood. I offer poison But you see food. Very old wine Christian values. The Kamasutra Godly virtues. Observe. … Continue reading Me ‘And’ You

The “Wise Men”: The Real Story Of Christmas

" "For unto us a child is born..." God's own son Our saviour and our redeemer From due east we heard he was born Thru thief and beast, even the sun We didn't retreat, did not surrender We risked all just to be at His feet We did not know Him We just heard of … Continue reading The “Wise Men”: The Real Story Of Christmas

The Book Of De Nial (Chapter 3)

A song of Dan. Recorded by a heart burdened. Lo, of what good is it; When The Christ shall be shamed on the crucifix again? When the flock have no need of the Shepard? When words, actions and expectations doth repeatedly fail? Judge me in this matter. If I am wanting, caution my spirit. I … Continue reading The Book Of De Nial (Chapter 3)

The Book of De Nial

A psalm of Dan Ibn Ochu-Baiye. By the waters of Jabi lake. As recorded by De Nial. 1. They sought to chain me. My soul was wrought with grief. Yea, they gathered in mischief. They are gathered in iniquity. 2. See Lord, how they have consulted with mediums. How Thy servants name is taken up … Continue reading The Book of De Nial