That Man…

Tell him…

That you love him

That you long for his body

You are ecstasy. He, the fantasy.

Court him…

There are things that he likes

Invest shrewdly; you cannot lose

You are the music. He, the lyric.

Touch him…

Seduce him incessantly

Use his body, he is yours

You are Qetesh… He, Pothos.

The “Wise Men”: The Real Story Of Christmas

“For unto us a child is born…”
God’s own son
Our saviour and our redeemer
From due east we heard he was born
Thru thief and beast, even the sun
We didn’t retreat, did not surrender
We risked all just to be at His feet
We did not know Him
We just heard of Him
We faced all sorts-real danger
But then we won through prayer
Night after night, no light
Then sometimes, bright light
There was none to rely on
Just this inner witness
And that bright moving star
Foolish huh?
But you’ve gotta love that
We were motivated.

Since God is a most excellent playmaker
Then the Messiah mos’ def’ had a player hater
Herod! Vain, pompous, insecure – a mess
Don’t guess, here’s the deal;
There’s this king right
Scared of losing power
So he uses might
So that Jesus wouldn’t flower
In this life fight
Cos some forces want you under.
I am a fighter
Just like Jesus my brother
Our weapons are not carnal…
Yet we fight the good fight…
My faith makes my world go round
…and that kid
The little manger kid
He started it all
He’s a big deal
We weren’t even sure why!

We have seen His glory
This Christ the Most Holy
Angels singing, “Hallelujah!”
Those in heaven; all in uproar
He’s just a Jewish baby
But there’s something about Him
December the twenty-fifth
Is not just a holiday
It is a holy day
I know of some antics
Trying to confuse us with semantics
But hey, love is the message
Show some love this season
Be there for someone
Y’know, “for God so loved the world
That He gave His only begotten son…”
Christ lives on
“The church is marching on…”
There are souls out there
Waiting for the love of God
God works through me and you
Let’s all show some love.”

Lyrics from “Dan’s” track, ‘High & Low
From the album, ‘Initium‘.

The Book Of De Nial (Chapter 3)

A song of Dan. Recorded by a heart burdened.

Lo, of what good is it;
When The Christ shall be shamed on the crucifix again?
When the flock have no need of the Shepard?
When words, actions and expectations doth repeatedly fail?

Judge me in this matter. If I am wanting, caution my spirit.
I am not at fault.
I seek my own path now.
Guide me in Light and Wisdom I pray.

There exist many I cannot change.
I pray for me to change as concern these.
The leopard will not change its spots
And the Lion will largely eat meat always.

The Book of De Nial

A psalm of Dan Ibn Ochu-Baiye. By the waters of Jabi lake. As recorded by De Nial.

1. They sought to chain me. My soul was wrought with grief. Yea, they gathered in mischief. They are gathered in iniquity.
2. See Lord, how they have consulted with mediums. How Thy servants name is taken up for divination. See how they have maligned Your son with lies.
3. But yet, thou Lord hast been my rock and deliverer. You have blessed me with sound sleep and rest.
4. You have shewed me all the evil; yea all their evil intents. Surely they are not guiltless and shall eat of bowls of pestilence duly. None shall escape. Selah.
5. Their strongholds are destroyed. Their peace doth flee. Their labours enjoyed by others. Strange calamities are their portion. Avenge me my Father. Keep not Thy silence. Selah.
6. I will testify of Thine deliverance. My lips will tell of Your mercies and graces upon Thy servant.
7. Of how Thou Lord hast enlarged me to their ridicule. To my glory and for Thy glory.
8. My heart is enlarged. I am humbled by Your love. Glory to Your holy Name, forever in Christ Jesus.
9. Amen.