Rest. In. Peace…

Faces are all blurry right now
Names are like quantum physics
Women deciphered by body parts
Sweat, spittle, tears, drinks

Each thrill sicker than the last
Deviant ‘sex-tremes’ redefining pleasure
Your body is a toxin
My body, a poison

Tonight it’s a different anomaly
Come, let us create taboos
I will debase you lovingly
Just because I like your tattoos

Where am I? Psyche ward or rehab?
I will never do this again
Someone call mummy… No, Rahab
Prayer or pleasure… Effin’ migraine!

You want to buy something I don’t got
You are looking for someone I am not
You need to feel alive, so you flirt with death
‘Reaper’s rollin’ in, inna hearse…
C’mon baby open your eyes…! Please!!

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