The Quintessential Entrepreneur

#hegemonquickeats #Andrewochubaiye Thank you... Fear, Trepidation, Darkness, Scourge... The curse of the dreamer The bane of the visionary Dynamic with gusto Unwavering yet cautious Deep are the gorges along his back Scars that detail each mis-step. Fervor, Truth, Zest, Brazen... The symptoms of his passion Steady stream of light blazes A Cornerstone, the scarlet cleanser … Continue reading The Quintessential Entrepreneur

Rest. In. Peace…

Faces are all blurry right now Names are like quantum physics Women deciphered by body parts Sweat, spittle, tears, drinks Each thrill sicker than the last Deviant 'sex-tremes' redefining pleasure Your body is a toxin My body, a poison Tonight it's a different anomaly Come, let us create taboos I will debase you lovingly Just … Continue reading Rest. In. Peace…

In Love & In Lust

Spread delectably before him They love; no restrictions, no taboo No matter the matter, no excuses His advancements meet warm lubrication. I love the way your hands touch me I love watching you touch you You make me scream... goosebumps... Reckless abandon, sweet disposition We have pure magic, you and I. You say "I love … Continue reading In Love & In Lust

Heresy, Apostasy, And The Space Betwixt Them

Happy New Year! Yay!! Right... I attend a vibrant pentecostal church. Tongue - talking, Spirit - filled, demon - chasing type of church. We are mandated  to fast and pray during the last three days of every year. This year was no different. I took it very seriously, 2016, I knew was going to be … Continue reading Heresy, Apostasy, And The Space Betwixt Them