FoodBasket (Sponsored Ad)

Agricultural produce market, linking buyers to sellers.


FoodBasket is for you.
Are you a farmer or a consumer?
Do you buy or sell agricultural produce or products?
Then FoodBasket is for you.

Why not?
If you have agricultural products and / or produce to sell
If you want to buy agricultural products or produce in any quantity
Then FoodBasket is for you.

FoodBasket is :-

  • an agriculture trade hub (and more)
  • an opportunity to get your SME out there…worldwide!
  • a chance to cut down on the disposal time of your product / produce
  • a great way to enjoy free publicity and advertising for your agro-business
  • a unique platform to network on a regional and global scale.


  • rid you of bureaucratic bottlenecks
  • freedom from third party, agents and brokers
  • truly impact a life by direct access to your vendor(s)
  • knowledge of where your food comes from may
    resolve individual ethical issues.

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Dan Ochu-Baiye

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  1. Gift Andrew Alemaka

    Nice good innovation thumbs up.

    1. Dan Ochu-Baiye

      Thank you GAA. Please join us and help make a difference.

  2. Tunde Lawal

    This is nice idea and won’t mind been a part of this.

    1. Dan Ochu-Baiye

      Please join us on Telegram @FOODBASKET. Let us make a difference.

    1. Dan Ochu-Baiye

      Please join us @FOODBASKET on the Telegram App. Let us make a difference. Thank you BMJ.

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