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By the time you get around to reading this I would be back.
It seems as though what I sought finally found me.
I know you have a million questions darling and trust me I cannot wait to answer them all.
It started when we moved closer to the city’s gate. Remember those twin peaks? Well climbing those small hills have become my weekly custom.
Some weeks though, I climb those hills three times.
I prefer the hill on the right. I do not know why, but I like it up that hill. I can climb up that hill in fifteen minutes.
So you know there are the two hills with a ridge connecting them both? The ridge is half as high as the hills it intersects.
At the plateau where the ridge levels out is a small watering hole. it is about a meter in diameter. It looks to be a natural formation. It is the only ‘clean’ source of water on the hill.
Nomads roam the foot of the hills with their cattle. The watering hole is their default source of drinking water. I have seen youth carrying huge white plastic buckets filled with water. Traversing the uneven path uphill and downhill with relative ease.
So this morning I was climbing and was at the zenith of the ridge. The watering hole was to my left. At that point there is a line of seven cashew trees ahead.
A distinct hissing sound drew me to the edge of the pool. It was not the hiss of a reptile.
It sounded like water draining through a tiny duct. And so I peered down devoid of fear.
Indeed, the water in the pool was whirling downward. It was as though someone or something was sucking the water with great suction from beneath.
In seconds the small pool was completely dry. It was then I saw a ragged fissure at the bottom of the pool. The tectonic fracture was at most half an inch at it’s widest. The water left through that hole. I saw it happen.
Then an eerie calm fell upon the entire hillside.
It was fifteen minutes past seven in the morning. The air was hazy. Dust and dust devils came out to play that morning. Their intercourse sullied the otherwise crisp atmosphere of the small hills.
Though far apart, the sounds of the city awakening was like a terrifying cacophony. Their drone faded the higher the free spirit climbed up the hill. It was that sort of serenity I was looking for.
There was an uncharacteristic whistle of the wind in the air that morning. The weather nationwide was turning. The rains were days away. Soon the entire hillside would blossom in an explosion of fauna and flora.
Yet that terrifying calm blotted out the entire city and froze my experience in time. I was lucid in an instant that stood detached from current reality.
Remember the tsunami of 2004? The drawback to be specific? How the beach lay devoid of water as the waters retreated?
Remember what happened to the curious? Those tourists brave enough to venture after the waves? On foot?
I swear Babes I was thinking the very scenario. Of how standing there was not my smartest move. Of how anything could spout, squirt or skeet out of that fissure. It was right then that time came to a total halt.
I heard my name and turned.
Well not my name, my name…it called me “Father.”
Let us be honest Babes, what danger may arise from anyone who calls you father?
Besides I was curious. Why call me at all? Why that…honour?
I was looking at a pillar of water about two meters high.
It was an animated body of water. It churned and swirled. Yet not a single drop left it’s mass.
It floated; hovered a few inches above the rocky path.
As we faced each other, it started to adopt the features of the human form.
I watched as the waters formed a head, neck, torso and two legs in short time.
Arms, hands and fingers followed in quick order. Detail layered upon detail crystallized before my eyes.
In an instant the churning and squishing volume of water hardened. I was looking at a tall, large and intimidating human form.
The fear was not found in his visage for the face was a handsome one. Neither was it in his musculature because he had the most serene eyes I have ever seen.
I was afraid because the person I was looking at was myself.
The water whilst animated had formed itself into my exact replica.
It was…or should I say, “I am the most beautiful person I have ever seen?”
Oh my!
I finally saw myself. It was like gazing at a lost but found identical twin.
Babes, why have you not told me how beautiful I am?
And so it spoke to me. And it answered many of my questions.
After a particular barrage of questions, it offered me a round trip across the universe and back.
Yes and I will be sixty years old when I get back.
Babes think about it…it is for fifteen years. Legends have been away for longer!
Calm down Babes… breathe…can you wrap your mind around the knowledge I am bringing back?
Baby…think of the powers I will return with!?
Babes I would be able to cure HIV!
Maybe even get the technology to revive every desert in the world.
My baby, everyone we know that has cancer or weak kidneys… Babes I will know how to cure these cells!
Babes… please understand that I was born to do this.
I have never been terrestrial, I know this now. Already I know so much! It is like I remember things in an instant.
I guess this is a good time to tell you that I am ambidextrous. Trust me, I did not know that I was.
Babes, I will build you a world and monuments upon my return. I will make it up to you darling.
It is not juju Babes… I have not had a spell cast on me. I am in firm grasp of all my mental faculties. It is not a mid-life crisis, I am fine! Please trust me?
By the time I get back you will be older than I am. The kids would be in families of their own. A lot of people I know would be dead. Humanity may have evolved past whatever respite I return with…
See…? I have thought long and hard about this. It is not a decision I took out of boredom. Forgive me baby, please understand?
But I will have experiences hitherto unknown. I will have wisdom and access to intelligence beyond what is obtainable at the moment. I will have the ability to help humanity.
Mankind will leap forward by millennia when I return Babes.
There is of course the possibility that this journey will not go as planned.
I am not stupid, I am only motivated.
Let the first girl have my old laptop and all my journals. I want her to have every scrap of paper that has anything and everything I have ever written. She will know what to do with them.
Let the second girl have full custody of my online empire. Websites, blogs and social media. You know the passwords. They have not changed.
Let the boy have everything else.
Because I desire to remain with you upon my return, I will be taking my phone with me on this trip. I shudder at the thought of labouring you with the indignity of replying my messages.
Besides, it’s possible that I may be able to call you somewhere inside MACS0647-JD?
Who knows what pictures and videos I may be able to record?
I may find data reception at Icarus.
I am ashamed imagining the look on your face right about now.
Let the boy know that he is a genius with numbers. Let him spend time in quiet reflection of my favourite colour and Grabovoi. My website password and his date of birth will unlock a location that will make your lives rich. Trust me.
One of my siblings will call you if I am delayed by even one minute. You have nothing to worry about until I return. I know you do not need anything querida, but what they give you is ours to begin with.
I know this is not the best time for you. So I apologize for the shock this message will invoke.
Fresh fruit.
Fresh vegetables.
Lots of water.
And try to work out at home twice a day.
Finally Babes, you had better stay alive till I get back. If you die on me I will not rest until I bring your corpse back to life.

Dan Ochu-Baiye

Large. Curious. Reads a lot. Wild. Loves lions and tigers. Music. Gym. Hiking. Loud music.

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