I heard:- I listened to you beg him I heard you cajole and plead. I listened:- I gathered that you are a serial liar I deduced that you are chattel I treated; and called you 'my queen'. I looked:- You looked me in the eyes and lied You orgasmed severally impaled by me You told … Continue reading Women!

The Book Of Denial (Chapter 5)

As concerns Aydin. A young, cherubic Prince. Of comely countenance and predisposed of good cheer. Assuredly I have lived; I have lived a life and another. Pay heed and hearken to my thoughts of a "necessary evil" of sorts my Prince. The rising and the falling of many a man. 1. Not all vintage is … Continue reading The Book Of Denial (Chapter 5)

10(-ish) Things 10 Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

Okay! First off, I confess that I am way out of my depth on this one. For once though, I got the feeling that there were real feelings communicated to me. Leads me to believe that men have fallen short of several 'glories' severally. The blatant honesty I got off my polls led me to … Continue reading 10(-ish) Things 10 Women Wish Men Knew About Sex