How To Keep Him Interested

Had an interesting call the other day. And like I promised you ma'am, here are tips on how to keep us men interested. Hold your horses though, is the man in your life married to you? Committed, exclusive relationship? Fresh date? The parameters shift in direct proportion to your answers. Largely though, these tips work … Continue reading How To Keep Him Interested

My ‘1’

I have always loved you. It has always been you. I fell in love with your mind. These days not so much, your mind has changed. So, the perv in me is now in love with your body. The curious blend of your hair length and skin tone, your flair and feminine charms. Your delicate … Continue reading My ‘1’

When The Wrong One Loves You Right

It is true. Most of our loyal and dedicated fans and admirers are actually illegitimate.It seems to beg the question, ''are the legitimate support complacent?'' or do the illegitimate go the extra mile with the hope of attaining 'legitimacy'? Or is the issue in the heart of the beloved of both?Will the illegitimate end up … Continue reading When The Wrong One Loves You Right