When your lips spoke  Things you should only think  How my heart broke.  I wonder at the damage done  Everyday I see the signs  Another reason to be gone.  Lol, I am now the student  My lessons taught to me  Their education (though) absent.  I must have severely hurt you  Resentment thinly concealed  Vengeance truly … Continue reading 360°

What Is Dead

I had to kill you So you would not die Now in your hereafter I hope you found paradise. Are you at peace? Though what is dead cannot die Your dying haunts my living But that which lives ultimately dies. Your cries for help sadden me Not because you call from a grave; Where you … Continue reading What Is Dead

The Book Of Denial (Chapter 4)

Here we sit, oars in hand Each paddling in their direction I am stronger so we go my way When I wane we go yours Consequently we end still. So here we sit; nothing gained... Here we lay, blanket o'er us Back to back, pillow between It is cold, we are cold You roll your … Continue reading The Book Of Denial (Chapter 4)

How To Reduce Your Value

Something happened to me recently. Not directly, I was a second-party casualty. An innocent bystander and unfortunate recipient of the "cock up". The unfortunate series of circumstances got to me. And got me thinking. I was perfectly situated to analyse this indecency. I was there, just being human and making mistakes. No, I didn't kill … Continue reading How To Reduce Your Value

For The Unmarried

I was at a wedding recently. I was moved to romantic heights. It was a very refreshing event - after I woke up. Before the romantics on board begin calling me "emotionally crippled," something happened while I slept...yes, thank you for asking, I received a revelation. I accrued unto knowledge, an epiphany I know I … Continue reading For The Unmarried

When The Wrong One Loves You Right

It is true. Most of our loyal and dedicated fans and admirers are actually illegitimate.It seems to beg the question, ''are the legitimate support complacent?'' or do the illegitimate go the extra mile with the hope of attaining 'legitimacy'? Or is the issue in the heart of the beloved of both?Will the illegitimate end up … Continue reading When The Wrong One Loves You Right