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A Rhapsody Of My Stuff; Celebrating “40”

Thank you Andi Ochu-Baiye. Thank you Olivia Ejura Alfa Oyibo. Thank you Angela Ochu-Baiye I appreciate the honour and time this must have taken. I bless you all. Olivia: I am Dan Ochu-Baiye Let there be trust Let there be communication Let there be; love… Andi: I am fire. I am wind. I am water. … Continue reading A Rhapsody Of My Stuff; Celebrating “40”

Me ‘And’ You

If you are close friends with my enemy Can you truly be my friend? If you lie to me And I do not trust you Surely this signals an end? You pour me wine Yet I see blood. I offer poison But you see food. Very old wine Christian values. The Kamasutra Godly virtues. Observe. … Continue reading Me ‘And’ You

Chikamso’s Swan Song

Mist, life, and shadow All doth end. As do war; rain and sorrow. It is full moon tonight. Let us eat of varied honeys Sip, lap, and consume exotic elixirs Let us burn the bushes Journey east to Asia Euphoria... Utopia... And...sadly...back. Take a bit of my heart For I see you left of yours. … Continue reading Chikamso’s Swan Song