Love At First Sight

No words are needed
Our eyes say it all.

We can sense mutual appeal
Our ‘hello’s’ are too throaty
We can scarcely keep still

You demure; I posture
I assess; you caress
You flaunt; I front
I touch; you touch

Mutual respect, hearts hopeful
Motives suspect, loins on fire
Details exchanged, passion stoked
Desire unchained, love in motion
Lust, pleasure, romance, adventure


“Please Be Advised…”

You play a game I am adept at.
’99’ have fallen; what is one more soul?!

To the goat give shrubbery.
For your input reap milk or flesh.

But the lion; he will take the goat
For your input, maybe your life.

I am fire. I am wind. I am water.
I can warm or burn
I can cool or destroy
I can refresh or drown.

Stroke or strike
Kiss or bite
Villain or hero
Romeo or Coolio?

You play a game I am adept at.
’99’ have fallen; what is one more soul?!

Uyai (Beauty)


“Flee the fisherman!
He hurts,
With barbed hooks
Mesh-y nets…

Behold the jeweller
He beautifies,
I see beauty in you
My masterpiece…

You do not know me
But you want to.
But I terrify you
And so you flee…

When I touch you
It will be with awe.
When I take you
It will be with honor.
When I hurt you
It will be in error.”


Dearest Dan


You are your words
Your words are you and can’t be separated from you
Your words carry weight; as from your words the state of your heart and mind is known. Your very soul is exposed.

Words frame the present
Words build the future
Words destroy the past
And, words merge the past, present and future together to create a purpose so strong it can withstand ANYTHING.

As you are a movement on your own with your own words,
you become a force to be reckoned with.
And so…find purpose, be inspired by truth and, tame the wild.
For time reveals all things. Time is the true standard and test of all things.

I hope you write…
But most of all, I hope you write well.
Happy Birthday (although belated).



Child Of My Heart

Child of my heart
Fruit of love
Beloved from the start
Sent from above.

Love of my life
Daughter of my youth
Mitigator of strife
Speaker of truth.

I loved you before
I love you forever
There’s so much in store
Wealth, health and laughter.

Birthday blessings sweet Sage
I wish you life’s best
Shine brighter with age
My best; my rest, my first.

Rax, The Princess, & I

I long for days and times
when I can sit in peace
and gaze with warmth
at my memories of Rax and the Princess.

I long for days and times
when nothing separates us
not family, religion or death
I long for the impossible.

I long for days and times
when with the Princess I will pose
while Rax will take pictures…
I wish us all happiness.

I long for days and times
when we will rendezvous and remember
share sorrow, laughter and wealth
when we three will be truly free.

I long for these things.