Oh Love!

Bleak ice-blue walls thickening still All frosty; naught moist nor turgid So cold. So polite. Desolate... I have left her I should be with you Yet we are bereft... It should be you here It was all for us Pyrrhic this victory. Bleak ice-blue walls thickening still All frosty; naught moist nor turgid So cold. … Continue reading Oh Love!

Why Love Hurts 

Now wey night don reach  Where you from dey come  Person wey get de property na winsh You been dey die, no need to form.   Now wey day don finish  Ojuju and demon dem don dey comot Bind and cast; abi wetin pastor preach?  Hmmm... But dis fuck-up na ya fault.  Now wey light … Continue reading Why Love Hurts 

Love At First Sight

No words are needed Our eyes say it all. We can sense mutual appeal Our 'hello's' are too throaty We can scarcely keep still You demure; I posture I assess; you caress You flaunt; I front I touch; you touch Mutual respect, hearts hopeful Motives suspect, loins on fire Details exchanged, passion stoked Desire unchained, … Continue reading Love At First Sight

What Went Wrong?

I walked too fast You refused to keep up You stopped walking miles back You have chosen a different route You walk with another now. I talk too much You have stopped listening I lost you a while back You listen to others now. You are 'all knowing' You always were 'all that' That is … Continue reading What Went Wrong?

The Book Of Denial (Chapter 4)

Here we sit, oars in hand Each paddling in their direction I am stronger so we go my way When I wane we go yours Consequently we end still. So here we sit; nothing gained... Here we lay, blanket o'er us Back to back, pillow between It is cold, we are cold You roll your … Continue reading The Book Of Denial (Chapter 4)

Dance With My Father

I laid my head on his broad chest, my arms around his muscular torso. I felt his large hand 'gently' thumping my uncovered back, the space between my neck and where my wedding gown began. Luther Vandross', "Dance With My Father Again" was aptly playing through the monstrous sound systems DJ Snap had brought for … Continue reading Dance With My Father

Signs That He Is Falling Out Of Love With You

Insidious series of happenstance this one. You scarcely see it coming. I doubt if even he saw it coming. It is often the case that he has fallen out of love with you, but still loves you. He is no longer in love with you, but loves you still. No zing, no zest, nothing special, … Continue reading Signs That He Is Falling Out Of Love With You