Signs That He Is Falling Out Of Love With You

Insidious series of happenstance this one. You scarcely see it coming. I doubt if even he saw it coming. It is often the case that he has fallen out of love with you, but still loves you. He is no longer in love with you, but loves you still. No zing, no zest, nothing special, … Continue reading Signs That He Is Falling Out Of Love With You

Point Of ‘No Return’

When you know that nothing will ever be the same again. That decision to free yourself from numb and pain. The wisdom that shows there's nothing more to gain. The resolve to wash yourself free of their stain. The obvious; the lies, the ridicule, the disrespect...all plain. The hurt, the injustice, the calumny, pure disdain. … Continue reading Point Of ‘No Return’

Zainab Ahmed

She died quite tragically over a decade ago. Quite literally in my arms. The details; I choose to have selective amnesia about. Suffice it to say that her passing was tragic. In deed and indeed. What I can tell you about her though, is that she was slim. Lithe. Yet well-endowed. The compound adjective a … Continue reading Zainab Ahmed