After Love Lost

“Death is the shortsighted view; nothing ever truly dies. It simply lives on in another form”

Where do broken hearts go? Where is love lost gone? Surely both love and heart are somewhere when they are rejected.

I have always advised that we be careful when we create love. Love does not die. It may be abused, misunderstood, diminished or discredited for a myriad of reasons. But love is eternal. Love is forever.

I do not know (or care really) why it left you. I believe that that is not the point. What you do with that tiny ember left is the real issue. You could let it burn to ash, or add a bit of tinder and rekindle the spark into a mighty conflagration. Who knows what selfishness brought you to this point? Or naïveté? Or just a series of unfortunate events?

I believe in moving forward. Agree to disagree on a couple of issues. Accept who you are, your inherent weaknesses and flaws. Recognise their limitations, and focus on their strengths. Above all, be quiet more often and listen to them more. Either ‘them’ past or present. Or both.

You do not have to fight. It is quite unnecessary. Yet you do have to fight. Emotions are dynamic and reactive. Flawed by their very existence. Expect contention, but respond in peace. Two people should not be angry at the same time…especially two lovers.

Even in ultimate separation or divorce, being civil and friendly will heal you. Bear in mind that love never dies. Who knows what the sisters of fate, or your very heart, may cause you to do again? Regardless?

Let there be love. Free yourself from hate and bitterness. It is not worth the trouble. Stop being self centered. Place yourself in their shoes; and even when you are certain that they are idiots, love your idiot passionately. They may have had the same conclusion about you eons ago.




There is no pain greater than betrayal I think. Especially betrayal of love. The trust lost or betrayed can be quite excruciating. Guess its the reason spies are so loathsome… And killed when caught.

Love itself, (as we know it) is the culprit. Mankind has from time immemorial committed the foulest of deeds in the name of love. Or for love lost.

Tina Turner said it best, “what’s love got to do with it? What’s love but a secondhand emotion…?” Love is frankly over-sensationalized. Love is one of the most misunderstood concepts ever. I think we as people love the concept of love. We are in love with the idea of love. We have been handed down an interpretation of love. Not as love should be. But as we see fit.

We are mostly selfish beings. Animalistic in deed and indeed. No wonder we sit on top of the food chain.

I think a belief in God is the solution. As human spirits, we have and will always make a mess of things. And mess up people we ‘love’. But if we infused in our consciousness that we were answerable in the afterlife, we would probably toe paths of justice, equity and mutual respect. Plus, even when wronged, the very same belief in God would ameliorate the wrong… At least it would be easier to bounce back I think.

My heart goes out to couples going through separations; couples on the verge of divorce. I truly empathize. I feel your pain. Regardless of the reason you are where you are in that relationship, I urge you to forgive.

Try also to change for the better. Sometimes the other person did not truly cheat on you in their mind…the woman slept with another man because you had become a woman by your attitude and weak character. You had gradually in complacence, greed, selfishness, despair…(and all other reasons for bad behavior), turned into someone, something other than what they started with.

May we all enjoy true ‘Lovealways’.