The Book of De Nial

A psalm of Dan Ibn Ochu-Baiye. By the waters of Jabi lake. As recorded by De Nial.

1. They sought to chain me. My soul was wrought with grief. Yea, they gathered in mischief. They are gathered in iniquity.
2. See Lord, how they have consulted with mediums. How Thy servants name is taken up for divination. See how they have maligned Your son with lies.
3. But yet, thou Lord hast been my rock and deliverer. You have blessed me with sound sleep and rest.
4. You have shewed me all the evil; yea all their evil intents. Surely they are not guiltless and shall eat of bowls of pestilence duly. None shall escape. Selah.
5. Their strongholds are destroyed. Their peace doth flee. Their labours enjoyed by others. Strange calamities are their portion. Avenge me my Father. Keep not Thy silence. Selah.
6. I will testify of Thine deliverance. My lips will tell of Your mercies and graces upon Thy servant.
7. Of how Thou Lord hast enlarged me to their ridicule. To my glory and for Thy glory.
8. My heart is enlarged. I am humbled by Your love. Glory to Your holy Name, forever in Christ Jesus.
9. Amen.


@ The End of Days

Is there a higher power? Or are we simply mere (or supreme) entities with our destinies in our hands?

Or maybe we are both? Subject to divine mandate but with free will to choose?

Is there that proverbial “judgement” at the end of days? Or will we slip into eternal sleep, all over? Case closed?

Either way, it behooves us to make a mark in this life we live. To try to positively touch all and sundry. If we find it prudent to save up of our monies, to invest and diversify the same monies…in a bid to be assured of our future. If we pay our insurance, believe in a pension scheme, disregarding proven cases of pension and insurance fraud; what’s the big deal about doing the same for a likely spiritual future?

I’m just saying that though the messengers of spiritual verities fall short from time to time, should it not be about the message as opposed to the messenger(s)? Is it not obvious that ‘men of God’ are ‘men’ first – ‘of God’ next?

To hell with the messengers! Did you get the message though?!