Should A Man Ever Hit A Woman?

Hehehehe... Hi there! Been a while... You good? I'm good... Yeah... Lovely weather yes? Ooookaaayyy... Right... True story, broad daylight. Busy weekday. Along a major expressway. Car screeches to a halt abruptly, Driver and passenger doors fly open within seconds of each other. Guy jumps out of the drivers side, lady tumbles out of the … Continue reading Should A Man Ever Hit A Woman?

“Domestic Violence”

How is Nathan?" I finally asked. She froze. And then purposefully drove her table knife into her (uneaten) steak. "I'm leaving him." She finally answered. "Its all too much, the abuse, the disrespect... He almost hit me the other day!" I looked long and hard at my childhood (married with kids) friend. Really between … Continue reading “Domestic Violence”