Love At First Sight

No words are needed
Our eyes say it all.

We can sense mutual appeal
Our ‘hello’s’ are too throaty
We can scarcely keep still

You demure; I posture
I assess; you caress
You flaunt; I front
I touch; you touch

Mutual respect, hearts hopeful
Motives suspect, loins on fire
Details exchanged, passion stoked
Desire unchained, love in motion
Lust, pleasure, romance, adventure

Uyai (Beauty)


“Flee the fisherman!
He hurts,
With barbed hooks
Mesh-y nets…

Behold the jeweller
He beautifies,
I see beauty in you
My masterpiece…

You do not know me
But you want to.
But I terrify you
And so you flee…

When I touch you
It will be with awe.
When I take you
It will be with honor.
When I hurt you
It will be in error.”