Love At First Sight

No words are needed Our eyes say it all. We can sense mutual appeal Our 'hello's' are too throaty We can scarcely keep still You demure; I posture I assess; you caress You flaunt; I front I touch; you touch Mutual respect, hearts hopeful Motives suspect, loins on fire Details exchanged, passion stoked Desire unchained, … Continue reading Love At First Sight

Uyai (Beauty)

Uyai... "Flee the fisherman! He hurts, With barbed hooks Mesh-y nets... Behold the jeweller He beautifies, I see beauty in you My masterpiece... You do not know me But you want to. But I terrify you And so you flee... When I touch you It will be with awe. When I take you It will … Continue reading Uyai (Beauty)