One For Mum…

Abeg if una see my mama
Hail her well-well
Wash her well with grammar
Your boy don show her hell.

I don thief; I don lie
I don fight; I don bloody
I dey sick; I dey die
She cure all, mummy dey steady.

Na she dey call always
Sabi to pray like Jesus wife
Our house always in place
For us, she fit free her life.

Momsie no vex abeg
You try, na me no dey gree
Yet you carry me like egg
Despite my ‘ef up’, you still love me.

Mummy I don hold ground
Relax ya mind, no more sorrow
Mummy smile, make you dey proud
Your prayer dem, e don dey show.

Baba God I thank You o!
Abeg make she still dey…
Momsie your boy love you o!!
Happy Mother’s Day.


Rax, The Princess, & I

I long for days and times
when I can sit in peace
and gaze with warmth
at my memories of Rax and the Princess.

I long for days and times
when nothing separates us
not family, religion or death
I long for the impossible.

I long for days and times
when with the Princess I will pose
while Rax will take pictures…
I wish us all happiness.

I long for days and times
when we will rendezvous and remember
share sorrow, laughter and wealth
when we three will be truly free.

I long for these things.