#youmeandus: Coming Soon 




All you said, were mine
All you did was for me
All you were; was me.

Now you speak and I hear another
Now you act and I see him
Now all I see is him.

So, I love another
So, I no longer bother
So…? I know no longer.

Chikamso’s Swan Song

Mist, life, and shadow
All doth end.
As do war; rain and sorrow.

It is full moon tonight.
Let us eat of varied honeys
Sip, lap, and consume exotic elixirs
Let us burn the bushes
Journey east to Asia
Euphoria… Utopia…

Take a bit of my heart
For I see you left of yours.
Cry, for I know you must
I, will howl at the full moon, tonight.

Dear Ted

Oh boy how now, how you dey?
Oh men you scarce, kai, e don tay!
I get one yarn I want to tell;
Its about a girl – you know am well.

The baby fine, she tall reach you
Why she love me, I no get clue.
Me na runs-man, you know my life
She sef know; but she wan be my wife.

I tell am ‘slow’, she no wan know
I vex for am; bo, she cook me yam.
I bone my face, hiiaan! See embrace!
Oh boy Ted; I no wan wed.
How I go do? Guy give me clue.

Na ya boy,