Obudu Ranch HASH

The camp fires burned hot Music moved our souls and feet Liquors were quaffed with glee Love found, Friendships free In a land eerily enchanting Misty, damp, and exotic We are literally in the clouds It is all surreal, pure magic It is cold mostly We are tired always Muscles sore surely Climbing hills and … Continue reading Obudu Ranch HASH

Happy Eid el Kabir?

I had been driving around aimlessly. Officially the sallah holidays were slated for Monday and Tuesday, but Abuja was already empty. This was Sunday afternoon... Area 11 Garki bore striking similitude to Chernobyl. I was bored. Lost. Pissed. Not my ideal Sunday afternoon. I was bereft of excitement and desperately needed to get into some … Continue reading Happy Eid el Kabir?