When your lips spoke  Things you should only think  How my heart broke.  I wonder at the damage done  Everyday I see the signs  Another reason to be gone.  Lol, I am now the student  My lessons taught to me  Their education (though) absent.  I must have severely hurt you  Resentment thinly concealed  Vengeance truly … Continue reading 360°

Nigerian Banks Caught Defrauding Customers Billions With Black Market Rates

Nigerian banks under the watch of Godwin Emefiele-led Central bank have been caught defrauding customers to the tune of billions of dollars via illegal deductions on foreign transactions. Since December 2014, Nigerian banks have charged customers hidden fees on single international ATM withdrawals that convert Naira at the Black market rate and widely above the … Continue reading Nigerian Banks Caught Defrauding Customers Billions With Black Market Rates

How To Reduce Your Value

Something happened to me recently. Not directly, I was a second-party casualty. An innocent bystander and unfortunate recipient of the "cock up". The unfortunate series of circumstances got to me. And got me thinking. I was perfectly situated to analyse this indecency. I was there, just being human and making mistakes. No, I didn't kill … Continue reading How To Reduce Your Value

Me ‘And’ You

If you are close friends with my enemy Can you truly be my friend? If you lie to me And I do not trust you Surely this signals an end? You pour me wine Yet I see blood. I offer poison But you see food. Very old wine Christian values. The Kamasutra Godly virtues. Observe. … Continue reading Me ‘And’ You

“Please Be Advised…”

You play a game I am adept at. '99' have fallen; what is one more soul?! To the goat give shrubbery. For your input reap milk or flesh. But the lion; he will take the goat For your input, maybe your life. I am fire. I am wind. I am water. I can warm or … Continue reading “Please Be Advised…”

The Book Of De Nial (Chapter 3)

A song of Dan. Recorded by a heart burdened. Lo, of what good is it; When The Christ shall be shamed on the crucifix again? When the flock have no need of the Shepard? When words, actions and expectations doth repeatedly fail? Judge me in this matter. If I am wanting, caution my spirit. I … Continue reading The Book Of De Nial (Chapter 3)

How To Survive “A Bed Of Snakes”

"Once upon a time in a far away kingdom called earth, there lived a special group of people called human beings. They were mostly two-legged. They were born male and female. They were born free. They were supposed to all be equal. But they came in varying colors, sizes, shapes, strengths and awareness. But they … Continue reading How To Survive “A Bed Of Snakes”

Chikamso’s Swan Song

Mist, life, and shadow All doth end. As do war; rain and sorrow. It is full moon tonight. Let us eat of varied honeys Sip, lap, and consume exotic elixirs Let us burn the bushes Journey east to Asia Euphoria... Utopia... And...sadly...back. Take a bit of my heart For I see you left of yours. … Continue reading Chikamso’s Swan Song