I Am Done! 

I am so disappointed in women right now 

You leave me no choice really 

You clearly do not deserve me.  

I thought you were ‘the one’ 

You would have ruined my life 

I was going to make you my wife. 

It may be tomorrow

Next month, maybe next year 

Truth is, ‘we’, died right ‘here’. 

I will break your heart for this

I will make you suffer for this

I will break many many hearts for this. 

I am so disappointed in women right now 

You leave me no choice really 

You clearly do not deserve me. 



When your lips spoke 

Things you should only think 
How my heart broke. 

I wonder at the damage done 

Everyday I see the signs 

Another reason to be gone. 

Lol, I am now the student 

My lessons taught to me 

Their education (though) absent. 

I must have severely hurt you 
Resentment thinly concealed 

Vengeance truly becomes you. 

Nigerian Banks Caught Defrauding Customers Billions With Black Market Rates

Nigerian banks under the watch of Godwin Emefiele-led Central bank have been caught defrauding customers to the tune of billions of dollars via illegal deductions on foreign transactions.


Since December 2014, Nigerian banks have charged customers hidden fees on single international ATM withdrawals that convert Naira at the Black market rate and widely above the official Central Bank conversion rate.

The Central bank assisted in this fraud by reducing the international withdrawal rates to a daily N60,000 cap or $300. With each withdrawal of a permitted $280 in cash obtained at the ATM, Nigerians are billed upwards of $319 from most Nigerian debit cards, a whopping $39 extra per withdrawal. In Naira, a withdrawal of N63,140 charged to the card gives $280 at the ATM. This $280, converted at the official CBN rate of N199/$ would be only N55,720. Which leaves an additional N7,420 to the banks per daily transaction. This amount does not include the international ATM transaction fee of N330, additionally billed. N7,420 extra on each withdrawal, divided at the official CBN rate = $38 seized. Banks list international ATM transaction fees as N420. This means, if the official fee is taken out, an additional N7000, about $35 is gulped by the banks per customer per daily transaction.



If the total withdrawal amount in Naira (N63,140) as at this Friday, is converted to the $280 received from the ATM, this converts at a rate of 225 Naira to the dollar which is the running Black market rate.


When a Nigerian customer dips in his card into the ATM, he sees his balance in dollars, which is the current CBN rate. When he withdraws $280 cash, his receipt and balance reflects $319 withdrawn!

Intentionally, the banks do not separate the charges on the receipts or account page to show what the conversion rate is and what their charge is. This act enables their fraud by making clients unable to determine the whopping percent of their money the banks are coveting and the fact that the banks are working at the Black market rate as against CBN regulations.

The $35/withdrawal is pocketed by the banks who buy dollars form the Apex bank at the official rate.

From all Nigerian customers using ATM cards in travel, for study or all other purposes abroad, the Nigerian banks are raking up millions of dollars daily converting at the Black market rate.

This discovery is just one more instance where the Central bank, managed by former Zenith bank chair, Godwin Emefiele is assisting Nigerian bank cabal extort the masses unknowingly to the tune of billions of Naira.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

 – See more at: http://newsrescue.com/nigerian-banks-caught-defrauding-customers-billions-with-black-market-foreign-fees/#sthash.ijq6MXPT.dpuf

How To Reduce Your Value

Something happened to me recently. Not directly, I was a second-party casualty.
An innocent bystander and unfortunate recipient of the “cock up”. The unfortunate series of circumstances got to me. And got me thinking.
I was perfectly situated to analyse this indecency.
I was there, just being human and making mistakes.
No, I didn’t kill anybody.
No one got hurt.
I did not physically harm anyone.
The psychological harm alleged were arguable, and in my humble opinion, bogus.

The issue?
Because of my affiliation with one who had lost credibility, I was starting to lose respect and credibility too.

For the sake of peace and the discouraging of murderous genes dormant in some of my ‘friends’, let me leave the issue as I have diplomatically stated it.

My point is salient regardless of which end you are on.
I hope these “carbuncles” help…

1) Causing More Trouble Than Your Worth

Take a critical review of who you really are. Are you realistically worth fighting for?
Positive affirmations and faith aside, are you worth the drama or trouble you cause?

You see, consistently being an ass devalues your person. Reduces you to mere memories. You’re like the chubby niece or nephew, good for a once in a while indulgence. Mostly avoided.

2) Keep Talking; Incessantly

“… In the multitude of words, sin is not lacking…”
“Draw near to listen…”

You do not need to be heard always and/or on every subject.
No one is really interested in your troubles ultimately. You see even close family will sometimes only indulge you by listening to you whine, ONLY because your complaints make you less of a superhuman and more like they are.
Everyone has their issues.
So it’s pleasant for them to listen to you prove to them that “the rich also cry”.

Better still, your yakking bolsters their self-esteem because when listening to your clueless renditions, they can ascertain that they are better than you.

3) Status Quo; (The Mess We Are In)

Have a gentleman where I work that calls himself ” the king of the poor”.
The gentleman in question has sunk from poverty to penury. Stopping always at bankruptcy for a fistful of ‘poor’.

Eagles do not roost, they soar. It is chickens that roost.
Choose to behave like a chicken and clamour and scratch and scrape… Or an eagle… Majestic, enigmatic, big, strong, reliable.
It’s up to you. Common-ise yourself or otherwise.

4) Snitch On Yourself

“If you stopped telling your friends everything, then your enemy wouldn’t know so much about you.”

A snitch is like a rat.
Carrier of filth and disease.
Rats are better off elsewhere… Dead.

Relationships of any sort require confidentiality.
There are codes of conduct. Do not speak about anyone to anyone. But to that one.
Do not boast or gloat, it cheapens you.

If you are snitching on your beloved… You idiot! Leave them instead.
If you are snitching on your spouse… Your idiocy is stratospheric!!
I won’t dwell on this point, I find it annoying.

5) Misplace Your Loyalties Or Priorities

Play your part. Play your position.
A carpenter is scarcely expected to be giving lectures on quantum physics at MIT.
Nor the good captain on British Airways expected to be serving cocktails mid flight.
Focus on your roles. If you do not know them, learn more.
As ignorance is no excuse in law, so there is no law against labeling the ignorant a ‘poor excuse’ of humanity.
It’s shabby and in poor taste when you are not on point.
You are not reliable.

Busy day tomorrow. I’m off!

“Please Be Advised…”

You play a game I am adept at.
’99’ have fallen; what is one more soul?!

To the goat give shrubbery.
For your input reap milk or flesh.

But the lion; he will take the goat
For your input, maybe your life.

I am fire. I am wind. I am water.
I can warm or burn
I can cool or destroy
I can refresh or drown.

Stroke or strike
Kiss or bite
Villain or hero
Romeo or Coolio?

You play a game I am adept at.
’99’ have fallen; what is one more soul?!