Ælfgifu and the Charm of Sango

El - fgifu:- (El - ghi - foo) "... Latini\nized form of Ælfgifu, an Old English name derived from ælf "elf" + giefu "gift", or/and Æðelgifu, from æðel "noble" + giefu "gift". This was the name of the first wife of the English king Æðelræd (Ethelred) II... " #Nameberry.com "... The Ikogosi Warm Springs is … Continue reading Ælfgifu and the Charm of Sango

The Day She Died…

We had been quarreling for a while now. Every little thing seemed to set us off. We were fighting ninety percent of the time these days. Deola was starting to look like a good replacement.. Deola... Ah... 'Dee' as I loved to call her. Buxom. Nubian beauty. Bold and forthright. She had been hitting on … Continue reading The Day She Died…

Serti Takum

"Veni veni, Emmanuel captivum solve Israel, qui gemit in exsilio, privatus Dei Filio. Gaude! Gaude! Emmanuel, nascetur pro te Israel!" I do not think that there are many of us left. I am afraid I may be the last one. Lore, strange truths were whispered in my ears from birth. From lips I never saw. … Continue reading Serti Takum

Chappal Wadi

About my Christmas... It was supposed to be nice and easy. Time spent with family and friends. That is until she called me from the fire. My muse I mean. Not the young, hot one though. It was old, old mother. I was stir-frying venison and vegetables on the 21st of December 2017 when the … Continue reading Chappal Wadi

Death Becomes Him

I can not believe that this impetuous, over-pampered and carnally-minded simpleton actually picked up that phone call...  I swear by the throne of Jehovah, I will kill him first chance I get.  Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring...  "Hello...?"  "... I kept hoping that you'd pick up one day..."  "Uhmmmm... Yeah... I was conflicted."  "Because of what … Continue reading Death Becomes Him

God Is Good Transport Company 

The Ramadan fast ended with a two-day public holiday in my country.  The holidays fell on a Monday and a Tuesday. It provided for a long holiday/weekend. Muslims in my country must have been ecstatic.  I was not.  I had to work.  My work needed me to travel.  All flights to my work place were … Continue reading God Is Good Transport Company