Me ‘And’ You

If you are close friends with my enemy Can you truly be my friend? If you lie to me And I do not trust you Surely this signals an end? You pour me wine Yet I see blood. I offer poison But you see food. Very old wine Christian values. The Kamasutra Godly virtues. Observe. … Continue reading Me ‘And’ You

How To Keep Him Interested

Had an interesting call the other day. And like I promised you ma'am, here are tips on how to keep us men interested. Hold your horses though, is the man in your life married to you? Committed, exclusive relationship? Fresh date? The parameters shift in direct proportion to your answers. Largely though, these tips work … Continue reading How To Keep Him Interested

ATTN: Valentine Alert For All Men!

Culled from: The Business Insider Women, apparently, don't want chocolates or flowers for Valentine's Day. According to Birkbeck University and Harley Street clinics in London, it's a romantic meal for two and sex toys. After hooking up 20 volunteer couples to┬áspecial electroenchephalogical (EEG) headsets, scientists measured women's brain-wave patterns in response to gifts from their … Continue reading ATTN: Valentine Alert For All Men!

How To Keep Your Man

It is quite easy to get a man. How to keep him though? A challenge for most women. What to do? How to do it? When to do it? Where to do it? Enter Betty (real name withheld of course!) She is one of the hottest women I know. She is gorgeous! Beautiful. Intelligent. Ambitious. … Continue reading How To Keep Your Man

“Domestic Violence”

How is Nathan?" I finally asked. She froze. And then purposefully drove her table knife into her (uneaten) steak. "I'm leaving him." She finally answered. "Its all too much, the abuse, the disrespect... He almost hit me the other day!" I looked long and hard at my childhood (married with kids) friend. Really between … Continue reading “Domestic Violence”

For The Married (Part 5)

Marriage does not solve any problems. All over the world married people are figuring this out. For every lovestruck lover that's rushing in, three disillusioned ones are clawing their way out. Every other weekend, some star-crossed lovers tie the knot. While those married, and in attendance, sit in reflection. Maybe even place mental bets on … Continue reading For The Married (Part 5)

For The Married (Part 4)

Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate your thoughts, comments, phone calls and chats. Lol..., only wish you would place the comments here. A lot of your contributions are vital. But hey, whatever makes you comfortable. Thanks again. 4) PLAY YOUR POSITION I can sense extremists getting ready to pounce. Touchy subject I perceive. Nonetheless, … Continue reading For The Married (Part 4)

For The Married (Part 3)

3) KNOW YOUR PREY I love Lions and Tigers. Ligers and Tigons too. Leopards and Cheetahs. I love big cats. I love Natural Geographic. Cool stuff about the animal kingdom going on there. The episodes about big cats hunting have me riveted. Ever see the shows? Awesome! Especially when they hunt. Serious business I tell … Continue reading For The Married (Part 3)

For The Married (Part 2)

This is the second of a 5-part series. There Francine..happy now? #bighug# 2) TWO'S COMPANY, THREE'S A CROWD Depending on your religious bent, the amount of wives (or husbands) you take is quite irrelevant to the point I am trying to make. Let me explain. I am dealing with "third parties" to a marriage. The … Continue reading For The Married (Part 2)