Nurturing Nigeria (Part 3)

Inside the JDI Leadership Exchange Program... Inside The JDI L.E.P. JDI Leadership Exchange Program Hike

The Book Of Denial (Chapter 5)

As concerns Aydin. A young, cherubic Prince. Of comely countenance and predisposed of good cheer. Assuredly I have lived; I have lived a life and another. Pay heed and hearken to my thoughts of a "necessary evil" of sorts my Prince. The rising and the falling of many a man. 1. Not all vintage is … Continue reading The Book Of Denial (Chapter 5)

Dance With My Father

I laid my head on his broad chest, my arms around his muscular torso. I felt his large hand 'gently' thumping my uncovered back, the space between my neck and where my wedding gown began. Luther Vandross', "Dance With My Father Again" was aptly playing through the monstrous sound systems DJ Snap had brought for … Continue reading Dance With My Father

Kids Say (And Do) The Darndest Things

We were going to marry. She had a kid. He was eighteen months old at the time. Now, I don't mean to discriminate, but back then single moms were a no-no. Ordinarily there was no way my family would ever accept her. I could see it in their eyes when they first met her, the … Continue reading Kids Say (And Do) The Darndest Things

An Ode To My Prince

You are beautiful Tiny, yet larger than life A wonderful bundle You are more than enough. And so I kiss you often Because soon I cannot And so I try to carry you often Because soon I will not. You are my 'shooting star' Blazing forth in bright light... My erudite scholar... My dunamis; my … Continue reading An Ode To My Prince

Child Of My Heart

Child of my heart Fruit of love Beloved from the start Sent from above. Love of my life Daughter of my youth Mitigator of strife Speaker of truth. I loved you before I love you forever There's so much in store Wealth, health and laughter. Birthday blessings sweet Sage I wish you life's best Shine … Continue reading Child Of My Heart

Wife Material

These are a few points gleaned off a few Compadre's. A couple of them I'm thoroughly ashamed to be affiliated with; a few mere acquaintances rendered garrulous after a few bottles of neutral spirits, and I suspect a bit of substance abuse and misuse. I honestly suspect I caught a whiff of 'the herbs' off … Continue reading Wife Material

Ms. Sage…

The experience still haunts me till this day. She must have been two years old, or slightly less. Though this detail skips me, i do know that she hadn't begun speaking fluently. Her vocabulary was limited to; 'tea', 'mama', 'no', 'yes'...etcetera. She had not begun stringing sentences together, just gibberish. She is my firstborn, and … Continue reading Ms. Sage…