The ‘What If?’ Series. (Dan-ifying The Biblical Enoch) 

Saw this meme and stuff got funny in my head.  (Hehehehe, what's new dude?)  Naturally, I enjoyed several spectra of alternate reasonings on the robust plethora of outcomes, explanations and conjecture.  I can share one of those 'alternate reasonings' with you if you want?  Yes?  Aiight... I will.  Good thing you want to hear it, … Continue reading The ‘What If?’ Series. (Dan-ifying The Biblical Enoch) 

The Chronicles Of Chrioni: Interviewing God

I was in Asaba, Delta state this past weekend. I elected to go by road. It was fun.  We stopped at Lokoja, Kogi state for light refreshments. My girlfriend recently commissioned a water park there, Enez Waterworld. The place is a wonder. Pure genius. A very pregnant cash cow there. Somewhere within the fish market, … Continue reading The Chronicles Of Chrioni: Interviewing God

Heresy, Apostasy, And The Space Betwixt Them

Happy New Year! Yay!! Right... I attend a vibrant pentecostal church. Tongue - talking, Spirit - filled, demon - chasing type of church. We are mandated  to fast and pray during the last three days of every year. This year was no different. I took it very seriously, 2016, I knew was going to be … Continue reading Heresy, Apostasy, And The Space Betwixt Them

A Woman’s Greatest Mistake

This piece is largely "a note to self". If you are male, kindly substitute gender and references as appropriate. I stumbled on the writer online. Her words resonated on many levels. I have tried to leave the manuscript as close to the original as possible. Alas, my arrogance bade me to perform rudimentary editing. There … Continue reading A Woman’s Greatest Mistake

Five Lessons for Our Lives from the Parable of the Talents

Hugh Whelchel March 14, 2013 How should Christians think about work, success, and wealth? I was recently asked by byFaithmagazine to write an article answering these tough questions. As I thought about how to approach these topics, I realized the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30 provides a helpful framework for thinking about them. While we’ve talked a … Continue reading Five Lessons for Our Lives from the Parable of the Talents

Nigerian Banks Caught Defrauding Customers Billions With Black Market Rates

Nigerian banks under the watch of Godwin Emefiele-led Central bank have been caught defrauding customers to the tune of billions of dollars via illegal deductions on foreign transactions. Since December 2014, Nigerian banks have charged customers hidden fees on single international ATM withdrawals that convert Naira at the Black market rate and widely above the … Continue reading Nigerian Banks Caught Defrauding Customers Billions With Black Market Rates

How To Help Your Erection

I have always thought the worst of aphrodisiacs. Did not even believe they worked. I now believe. Trust me, they work. I staunchly refuse to go into any details of my new - found certainty. Well, maybe someday soon. Part of that journey exposed me to the fact that most men are consistently ingesting these … Continue reading How To Help Your Erection

Night Of The Blood Moon

A few weeks ago I was in a bad place. Bills stacking up, financial pledges unfulfilled, everyone was racking in huge numbers but me. A friend even spent millions to buy just one SUV. Another one killed close to a million buying our select few champagne... In one night! My daughter uncharacteristically requested for a … Continue reading Night Of The Blood Moon

Should You Pay For Sex?

And it came to pass that yours truly,  in compliance with his job description, was posted out to one of the many states in Nigeria. Forgive the ambiguity. Security reasons. As the job (unofficially) demands, the powers that be by the powers vested in them by their offices, desired female entertainment. The onus thereupon fell … Continue reading Should You Pay For Sex?