“Domestic Violence”

How is Nathan?" I finally asked. She froze. And then purposefully drove her table knife into her (uneaten) steak. "I'm leaving him." She finally answered. "Its all too much, the abuse, the disrespect... He almost hit me the other day!" I looked long and hard at my childhood (married with kids) friend. Really looked...in between … Continue reading “Domestic Violence”

For The Married (Part 5)

Marriage does not solve any problems. All over the world married people are figuring this out. For every lovestruck lover that's rushing in, three disillusioned ones are clawing their way out. Every other weekend, some star-crossed lovers tie the knot. While those married, and in attendance, sit in reflection. Maybe even place mental bets on … Continue reading For The Married (Part 5)

Point Of ‘No Return’

When you know that nothing will ever be the same again. That decision to free yourself from numb and pain. The wisdom that shows there's nothing more to gain. The resolve to wash yourself free of their stain. The obvious; the lies, the ridicule, the disrespect...all plain. The hurt, the injustice, the calumny, pure disdain. … Continue reading Point Of ‘No Return’

To All Dad’s Worldwide

Not enough is said about the virtues of a dad. That father figure that provides stability and foundation. The mostly quiet male stereotypes that forever seem engrossed in TV and the dailies. A father need not be thus biologically. He is the role model that shapes your life. He is the one you want to … Continue reading To All Dad’s Worldwide