International Women’s Day¬†

May you find love  I pray you become all you need to be.  May you find happiness  I pray you never undercut yourself.  May you find peace  I pray you righteousness and health.  May you find appreciation I pray you more honor than you deserve.  #internationalwomensday


May it be that we all be your parents.  May it be that we all shelter you from prejudice, vice and abuse.  Regardless of creed, race or religion,  May it be that we all nurture you in love, peace and education.  May you all grow to be better than us; Loving, protecting and reeducating all … Continue reading #foreverychild¬†

Mama Mia

My mum is just a mum.  No slaying...  Not a diva...  No swag...  Does not own a smartphone.  The quintessential mother; loving, selfless, godly, religious, safe... You know, mummy-ish. Every phone call from her ended with a prayer. She is a Christian and a 'prayer warrior.' I come from the Northern part of the country. … Continue reading Mama Mia

The Quintessential Entrepreneur

#hegemonquickeats #Andrewochubaiye Thank you... Fear, Trepidation, Darkness, Scourge... The curse of the dreamer The bane of the visionary Dynamic with gusto Unwavering yet cautious Deep are the gorges along his back Scars that detail each mis-step. Fervor, Truth, Zest, Brazen... The symptoms of his passion Steady stream of light blazes A Cornerstone, the scarlet cleanser … Continue reading The Quintessential Entrepreneur

Artiste Alert: Jela!

#whenwordsfail Ah! Where to begin? Seldom have I been rendered speechless by sounds so ethereal. Melodies so haunting that I was tossed, no, transported to realms hitherto unknown. The artiste delivered a delicate symphony with her words. They were soothing yet sad. Uplifting, yet so melancholy it almost breaks the heart to wonder what experiences … Continue reading Artiste Alert: Jela!