“Nature’s Wisdom: Lifestyle Choices We Often Overlook”


In the dizzying pace of the modern world, the gentle nudges from nature often go unnoticed. Yet, as illuminated by Saint Seraphim of Sarov, these cues offer a roadmap to a serene life.

  1. The Purity of Water: Taking cues from a horse that selectively quenches its thirst. we’re reminded to “drink water where your horse drinks.” Such instinctual choices echo the importance of purity in consumption. Discover the benefits of pure hydration at Brita.
  2. Safe Havens and Comfort: “Make your bed where the cat sleeps peacefully.” Our feline friends, always seeking warmth and safety, teach us the essence of comfort. Explore comfort-driven lifestyle choices at IKEA.
  3. Natural Bounty’s Authenticity: Choosing fruits “touched by a worm.” or mushrooms where insects thrive signifies nature’s stamp of approval. Understand the virtues of organic living at Whole Foods Market.
  4. Planting Strength: Like a mole’s dynamic nature, “plant a tree” resonates with a call to be more rooted. To understand the therapeutic nature of gardening, delve into Gardener’s Supply Company.
  5. Harmonising with Nature’s Rhythm: Emulating the timely patterns of birds, we align with nature. Harvesting life’s “golden grains”. Enhance your understanding of natural rhythms with insights from National Geographic.
  6. The Verdant Boost: By inviting more greens into our diet, we emulate the “spirit of the forests,” reaping vitality. For nutritious green recipes, look no further than GreenChef.
  7. Embracing Cosmic Silences: The expansive sky beckons us to “look more often and talk less.” finding tranquillity in quiet moments.


Though subdued in our bustling lives, nature’s whispers are laden with profound insights. By heeding these, we can chart a path of lifestyle choices imbued with peace and simplicity.

For a visual journey through nature’s splendour, especially the ethereal beauty of horses, immerse yourself in this captivating photo series by Drew Doggette on 500px.

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