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Omuha – (The Manly man)

‘Omuha’ (Ebira language – ‘A manly man’)

In the current world of romanticised fairy tales and unrealistic expectations of relationships, the notion of an “enlightened man” stands out as a symbol of truth and authenticity. This article examines the qualities and characteristics of an enlightened man and what makes him a trustworthy partner.

The enlightened man is defined by what he will not do, including coddling his partner, agreeing with everything she says and does, making everything easy for her, and letting her hide behind him for too long.

He will not permit manipulation or play into power struggles. Instead, the enlightened man consistently follows through on his commitments, stands firm in the face of his partner’s emotions, and encourages her to express all her feelings, including rage, joy, and pain. He is willing to correct his partner’s mistakes and allows her to work things out.

The enlightened man is present and attentive to his partner’s needs, encourages her to achieve her goals, and values her independence.

Moreover, an enlightened man values a partner who can listen actively without defending, talking or asking questions but genuinely hearing what he says. He seeks a partner who sees him as unique, allows him to be himself instead of an image of her expectations, soothes herself, finds fulfilment from her interests, and combines her interests with his.

He appreciates an honest and authentic partner who shows her emotions without merely talking about them, has conscious women to process things with, and acknowledges and appreciates him.

However, the enlightened man is not a “free-flowing, go-with-the-flow” type. He does not engage in sexual relations with multiple partners, nor can he be owned or controlled. He is not a pawn in anyone’s life and takes responsibility for his actions, feelings, and relationships.

The enlightened man seeks to create a container for his partner’s most authentic self to come out. This container may only sometimes be comfortable or easy, but it is where both partners can grow and reach their full potential.

The enlightened man encourages his partner to face her demons and take responsibility for her actions, feelings, and relationships. This relationship is based on trust, respect, and growth.

Through consistent commitment and willingness to take responsibility, the enlightened man creates an environment where his partner can flourish and become her most authentic self. By embracing these values, individuals can foster healthy relationships built on mutual respect, trust, and growth.

In conclusion, the enlightened man represents a new relationship paradigm, emphasising the importance of authenticity, trust, and growth.

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