Dear Derrick

Dear Derrick,

What’s up, bruh?

I arrived home safely. I heard that your team were in a pickle toward the end of the trip? Great job handling all the crises.

There was a reason I came for a holiday. As you know, I have been to that resort seven times in the past ten years.

Remember TRex? My TRex? We are no longer seeing each other.

I had been hearing stories about his escapades with other women. But I could not wrap my eyes around any actionable evidence until the fifth of October.

My source (his neighbour) called to assure me that another lady had spent the night at our apartment.

I was on the night shift and was usually done by 6 am. My replacement would be in by then. I would then spend thirty minutes making rounds with the fresh colleague introducing the patients admitted overnight. I would typically be back home by 8am at the latest.

My point is that my boyfriend knows my schedule like the back of his hand. So no matter what I heard, it was hard to prove. That is until the fifth of October when I broke my routine and came home unannounced by six am.

My neighbour was right. Derrick, the cheating bastard had slept with the prostitute on OUR bed! Do you know his response? The idiot told me it was not cheating until we married.

I was so confused. That was why I paid pretty late for the holiday. I was running away. I needed to clear my head and heart.
But that is not why I am writing to you. Something happened in Obudu that I need to tell you about.

The tall man I asked you to introduce me to? No, not Tildo. The quiet one?

Handsome gentleman, that was always by himself? I think his name is ‘Prince’ or ‘P.C’? Where do you know him from?

I ask because we slept together. Maybe it was because of my vulnerability, or I just wanted to forget about TRex. Either way, we had sex, and I am in trouble.

We left early because I had a medical emergency at work. I got the call in Prince’s presence, so I told him about my impromptu departure. He volunteered to escort me back to Abuja, and I accepted.

He offered to pay for the Uber trip, and we agreed to split the fare. It was after it happened I realized my peculiar predicament.

The journey back was quiet. I still had a lot on my mind. My mind was worse off because Prince was living rent-free in my head by that time.

Prince himself was not very talkative and was thankfully asleep most of the journey. I assumed it was because we were having sex all night, two nights in a row.

At some point, I heard the driver waking me up. We were close to my street. The driver wanted confirmation as to directions.

I was still groggy when I replied and did not notice for a few seconds that I was alone in the back seat.

Derrick, long story short, the man was no longer in the vehicle. Derrick, the driver did not stop to buy anything. Not even fuel. Derrick, help me please! The driver said I was his only passenger. That no one else entered his vehicle beside me.

Derrick, please help me ask around. Prince, P.C…whoever he is! He was reserved for the whole trip. Even though you did not end up introducing us, he was sitting beside me at the back of the bus.

I feel like I am losing my mind. I feel hollow, and  I am afraid. Who was I having sex with in Obudu? And because he was clearly introverted, we stayed a lot indoors. I am running mad. I am worried, Derrick.

I am desperate, so I thought to drop this in the WhatsApp group. Please, if you saw him reply to me before I end up with mental illness.

Thank you,


Dan Ochu-Baiye

Large. Curious. Reads a lot. Wild. Loves lions and tigers. Music. Gym. Hiking. Loud music.

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  1. Baiye Amina

    Poor Chi! I think she needs an urgent psychiatrist service.She was losing her mind and found herself in the journey of imagination where Derrick exist in fantasy.”Dreamland” happened to be the setting of the whole event.She needs to go back to sleep, possibly Derrick will resurface.🙄

    1. Dan Ochu-Baiye

      Lol. Chi is going through all sorts now. Let’s think glad thoughts about her. Thank you for stopping by. Don’t be a stranger.

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