Nurturing Nigeria (Part 1)


Jela’s Development Initiatives is an NGO with unbridled passion for humanitarian causes.

When the Black Panther premiered in 2018, Angela (Jela) and some online benefactors took 200 children from underserved shelters and orphanages to see the movie at the Silverbird Galleria, FCT Abuja.

She and her supporters raised the funds needed for tickets, popcorn, soda, and goodie-bags for all two hundred children.

I remember that night. The looks of awe and excitement on the faces of those children cannot be described.

Do not take my words for it, the videos are available on the personal Facebook page of its founder Angela Ochu-Baiye.

Angela, the founder of JDI an intense personality with a heart of gold. I have the privilege of knowing her personally. She is an amazing person.

She is also the founder and deployer of the artificial intelligence ‘JBloodMatch’.

JBloodMatch is a BOT that links blood donors with those in need of transfusions. The project is in concert and partnership with The National Blood Transfusion Service, Nigeria. The BOT is currently in use on Telegram. It has over 350 active users as at today. JBloodMatch is also on Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Over the years, JDI has silently worked behind the scenes under the name ‘Unburden’.

Unburden is a tight-knit monthly gathering of small groups of people that need someone to talk to.

For legal reasons, topics or cases discussed in those sessions remain there.

Now JDI has its eye on providing potable water for a community in Niger state.

The JDI team is calling on you to invest in humanity.

JDI would like you to be a part of all or any of its humanitarian causes.

The video below is a message I personally vet and approve.

School Water Project

Thank you for reading.

If this message resonates with any of your vibration, your loving thoughts on Jela’s Development Initiatives would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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