Human Rights!

Nature’s crucible of life

She is life’s Van Gogh

She is not property

Please… Hear me.

A womb-ed man; A hu… Man

She is so much

She can be so much

I hear say men dey beat women

Tabloids say dem rape woman

CNN say dem even kill woman…

Na wa!

She has rights man…

A womb-ed man; A hu… Man.

He is not necessarily evil

Culture and religion maybe

Fostering roles that are unequal

Please… Hear me

A man uncertain; A hu… Man

He is so much

He can be so much

Tabloids say women dey stab men

Social media get videos

Wey women dey beat men…

Na wa!

He has rights man…

A man uncertain; A hu… Man.

We are our own enemy

But still the cure to our malady

May human beings become godly

Please… hear me

We are so much

We can be so much

I pray say love go bind us together

Make we dey like brother and sister

Red, yellow, black, white…

Na wa!

We all have rights man…

We are all human; hu… Man.

2 thoughts on “Human Rights!

  1. Yes I totally agree with you my Brother. Women need full protection from man, agencies and state. It’s directly man’s responsibly. We all must rise to the occasion. Human Rights is everyone property.


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