"Tan largo me lo fiĆ”is" (translated as "What a long term you are giving me!") List of Characters:- 1) Don Juan (The Black Version) 2) The Mother in law 3) The Wife 4) The Wife's Sister 5) The Father In Law Don Juan (The Black Version) "Mankind is wicked; I am a man." The Mother … Continue reading Donjuanesque

Arinta’s Guardian

It is not in my place to ask him questions. I do not ask because I should not. He recently contracted my chambers as his attorney for LIFE. As long as he is not breaking any law, I will keep my peace. But we all know that he returned from Arinta Waterfalls a different man. … Continue reading Arinta’s Guardian

The Ruckus At Erin-Ijesha

At least the Indian guy had decorum. Raju or whatever my husband calls him. The other one, Goody, or whatever her name is was just plain getting on my nerves! They were both seated behind in my car. We were behind the Toyota Hiace bus #backpackersabuja had chartered to convey the rowdy bunch to some … Continue reading The Ruckus At Erin-Ijesha