Oh Love!

Abandoned caves, desolate tundras Palpitating heart, hacking sobs... Truth; you are always in my heart Truth; is that you could not wait Truth; we can never be what we were My love was pure and honest My love was open and playful My love was lustful and naughty I told you that, 'I don't share' … Continue reading Oh Love!

Money Talks

Know your '-llions' : Million Milliard Billion Trillion Quadrillion Quintillion Sextillion Septillion Octillion Nonillion Decillion Undecillion Duodecillion Tredecillion Quattuordecillion Quindecillion Sexdecillion (Sedecillion) Septendecillion Octodecillion Novemdecillion or (Novendecillion) Vigintillion Centillion Thank me later. You are welcome!