I heard:- I listened to you beg him I heard you cajole and plead. I listened:- I gathered that you are a serial liar I deduced that you are chattel I treated; and called you 'my queen'. I looked:- You looked me in the eyes and lied You orgasmed severally impaled by me You told … Continue reading Women!

Death Becomes Him

I can not believe that this impetuous, over-pampered and carnally-minded simpleton actually picked up that phone call...  I swear by the throne of Jehovah, I will kill him first chance I get.  Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring...  "Hello...?"  "... I kept hoping that you'd pick up one day..."  "Uhmmmm... Yeah... I was conflicted."  "Because of what … Continue reading Death Becomes Him

God Is Good Transport Company 

The Ramadan fast ended with a two-day public holiday in my country.  The holidays fell on a Monday and a Tuesday. It provided for a long holiday/weekend. Muslims in my country must have been ecstatic.  I was not.  I had to work.  My work needed me to travel.  All flights to my work place were … Continue reading God Is Good Transport Company¬†