The Omuha Fraternity

Mrs Obaniko detested her husband. Senator Afiang Obaniko held her husband of over thirty years in very low esteem. He had given up on life. Gone were the days of vibrance. He had lost his edge. He seemed content to sleep and then awaken. Eat, drink and work out. In between, read a book or … Continue reading The Omuha Fraternity

What Is Dead

I had to kill you So you would not die Now in your hereafter I hope you found paradise. Are you at peace? Though what is dead cannot die Your dying haunts my living But that which lives ultimately dies. Your cries for help sadden me Not because you call from a grave; Where you … Continue reading What Is Dead

The Eleventh Commandment

I was standing upstairs on my balcony one hand on the steel railing. The other hand a scalding hot mug of herbal infusions. The door of my neighbors balcony slid noisily open.  Just then my totally impossible sibling joined me outside.  She was wearing a kimono. No hijab this morning. Her beauty is exotic. Smiling … Continue reading The Eleventh Commandment