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The Book Of Denial (Chapter 5)

As concerns Aydin.
A young, cherubic Prince.

Of comely countenance and predisposed of good cheer.

Assuredly I have lived; I have lived a life and another.

Pay heed and hearken to my thoughts of a “necessary evil” of sorts my Prince.

The rising and the falling of many a man.

1. Not all vintage is befitting of your status. Or fit to drink. Find your wines only through exhaustive search.

2. Discreetly establish your love of red, white or wine – otherwise. Study to know your ‘Sauvignons’, ‘Merlots’, ‘Chardonnays’ and ‘Semillons’…’Champagnes’ and ‘Sangrias’ … And therein, establish which flavor you prefer.

3. Bad vine. Bad wine.
Take care to know where the grapes your wine is made of comes from. A grape will not fall too far from its vine.

4. Is your wine sealed with a wooden or plastic cork? Were the grapes pressed or trodden? How much alcohol (if any) does it have? Know exactly what you will be drinking.

5. My Prince, as wine ages, it’s fermentation can burst old wineskins. It will inflame and excite you, though not necessarily in a good way. Her age must be factored in, for as long as you keep the wine.

6. Be not of them that mix wines.
Wine will not mix with any other alcoholic beverage for good.
Red ought not to be drunk with white or with wine – otherwise. They seldom mix satisfactorily.

7. Even of your wine, drink sparingly. Though beneficial, do not get drunk with her. Lest you become unfocused and fall prey to her whims. Then be ridiculed, and perceived as weak and unreliable.

Hold fast to these words often my liege. A woman’s love, or not art the demise of royalty not a few.

Two years old as of this day , but thou wilt be king one day.

Let us koinonia often. I have much to impart.

Long live the Prince!

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