Night Of The Blood Moon


A few weeks ago I was in a bad place. Bills stacking up, financial pledges unfulfilled, everyone was racking in huge numbers but me.

A friend even spent millions to buy just one SUV.

Another one killed close to a million buying our select few champagne… In one night!

My daughter uncharacteristically requested for a few quid, zilch! Nada. Zero. I was broke.

Everyone was making paper but me. I began to mediate on things that were not expedient. I started to entertain the profane in my heart. I was desperate.

Then came all that ruckus about a blood moon.
As a devout stargazer I was immediately intrigued.
And as is customary, I hit Google to see what I could.
I learnt a lot.

I’m one of those people that strange miracles happen to. Always been like that. Dozens of stuff too disturbing to disclose.
I seem to stumble upon the strangest things… Ah, my curious soul!

The most amazing things related to the blood moon jumped at me online. Hours later I put down my tablet quivering with excitement. I had to see this moon.

I set my alarm for 3 am. It was supposed to be at its reddest a few minutes after three.

I crashed at about 11pm sharp as is customary.
My alarm seemed to go off the very next minute.
Groggy but psyched, I pulled on a pair of camouflage combat shorts and then wrestled into a tank top.
Strangely, power was out. But I know my nest blindfolded. I picked my way into my study to fetch my Canon EOS 50D. Zoom lens too.

As soon as I got on my porch, I grimaced. Rain.
Nice try.
I was not going to be deterred. I walked back indoors and dropped the camera and pulled off the tank top. Located a pair of flip flops and stepped out into a mild drizzle.

The houses along my street are fully detached. It’s a lovely neighborhood. Every street has a security man walking that beat. But on a night like this, I knew he would be huddled somewhere sheltered and dry. Guess we don’t pay the security outfit enough.

I started to scan the skies. It was raining in earnest by now. In fairness to the ‘bloody’ moon, the skies had taken on a reddish hue.
Ethereal, beautiful.

A few moments later, the rain stopped suddenly and the clouds parted,  simultaneously.
I looked around and then up to see the reddest moon ever!


“Lord have mercy!” I remember exclaiming in awe.

“Beautiful isn’t she?” a woman commented behind me.

“Yes it is!” I answered without turning.

We are a strange bunch along my street. It was no biggie that there was probably another star gazer there living.

If you say the right words in the right ear, the right things will come aright She quoted.

Right off an ancient text I chanced upon earlier online.

I slowly turned to face her. I felt goosebumps break out all over.

She was stunningly beautiful. Whilst I had the loveliest female neighbors, this one surpassed them all.
This one I had not seen before.
This one, like me, was topless.
She wore just a white wrapper around her waist.
Forgive me for not getting into the details of her bosom, but she was hot. And more importantly, (perv) I thought I was going to die.

She looked, well, red-ish.
I guess I looked the same. I thought it was because the moon was at its fullest, reddest and directly overhead.

“Who are you?” I croaked. Absolutely petrified.
“You know what I am ” she countered. “Will you say the right words?”

“I am not sure I want to.” I slowly stated as she stepped even closer.

“Say the right words and seal them with a kiss. Right here, right now. Or forfeit life for you have reached the crossroads. Many have killed for this moment, many will kill to be in your shoes right now.”

All I could think about was Judas Iscariot. Yup, Judas.

Christ! I constantly amaze even me!!

She was totally in my space by this time. We were practically chest to chest. I think I’d stopped breathing too.

“Say. The. Right. WORDS… Mr President. Or forfeit life.”

Oh she was legit alright. She definitely knew. Too much about what was. And what ought.

Suddenly emboldened by something from within me, I lifted my arms and wrapped my hands around her waist. I felt her sidle even closer.

The world is mine… I have the Light in me…But I will not kiss you.”

I felt her stiffen.

“It is in your best interest that I do not. If I do, your life will become forfeit.” I felt her try to step backwards. I tightened my grip instead and pulled her closer still.

“You can not give me what is already mine. And whatever you have, I have just taken too.” I released her then.

She stumbled backwards. Her wet, red-tinted bosom heaving visibly.

Temper… Temper… 10%…43%…86%…

“You will die!” she hissed at me.
“We will come for your soul soon… If you speak of this to anyone, anything, anywhere… You will die on the spot.”

Some females actually look lovelier when they get mad…

“I’d like to see you again. Please wear a red dress. Red suits you. Let me buy you dinner on that day.” I proposed, stepping forward extending my right hand for a handshake.

She looked at me for a while. Then studied my hand for a bit.
Then she took my hand. Looked at me strangely and then vanished into thin air.

I turned and walked back inside.

Dan Ochu-Baiye

Large. Curious. Reads a lot. Wild. Loves lions and tigers. Music. Gym. Hiking. Loud music.

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