How To Help Your Erection

I have always thought the worst of aphrodisiacs. Did not even believe they worked.
I now believe.
Trust me, they work. I staunchly refuse to go into any details of my new – found certainty. Well, maybe someday soon.
Part of that journey exposed me to the fact that most men are consistently ingesting these sex aids. They come in tablets, pills, roots, herbs, potions and elixirs.
The psychological dependence on these aphrodisiacs trouble me. Luckily I found the article below online, and in my usual benevolence, decided to share.
It’s a list of stuff that will pique your interest. Read and learn my friends…

(Originally published as :- THE 13 WORST FOODS FOR YOUR ERECTION)

In terms of performance, it’s been said that the penis has a mind of its own. That doesn’t mean you can’t give it some brain food. And on the flip side, certain foods and drinks can have been shown to impair male sexual performance by either directly or indirectly messing with hormone levels. The penis is dependent on testosterone to function properly, and anything that lowers the ‘T’ can lower the ‘D’ .

The 13 foods and drink below are among the worst cockblockers.

1. SOY

If date night regularly includes sushi, order your appetizer wisely. A study out of Harvard School of Public Health found just a half serving of soy per day was enough to slash sperm count by 40 percent in healthy males. Large amounts of soy can drastically reduce testosterone, according to a study in theEuropean Journal of Clinical Nutrition; researchers found that men who had 120 mg of soy a day saw the decrease.


There’s a reason why “white bread” is an insult. Eating too many simple carbs can lead to weight gain, and increased body flab has been shown to raise a man’s estrogen levels and lower testosterone. According to a University of Buffalo study printed in the journal Diabetes Care, 40 percent of obese participants had lower-than-normal testosterone readings.


This is no surprise, but there’s science behind it. Alcohol desensitizes you and slows reaction time, and binge drinking can affect hormone levels. According to a report inStrength and Conditioning Journal, researchers say that guzzling the alcohol equivalent of five or more drinks appears to suppress the production of testosterone. Smaller doses (one to two drinks) appear to have little or no immediate effect on testosterone. So keep things moderate: Two drinks a day.


Whenever you’re adding the protein-rich benefits of red meat to your diet, always choose grass-fed beef. The typical farmed variety is often fed artificial hormones and antibiotics, which can cause a disruption in testosterone levels.


Water isn’t the culprit here; it’s the plastic bottle. Bisphenol A, commonly referred to as BPA, is a chemical component found in most plastic food containers and cans that’s associated with negative impacts on fertility in both men and women. A Slovenian study in the journal Fertility & Sterility found a statistically significant association between urinary BPA concentration in men and lower total sperm count, concentration and vitality. And a study out of Harvard School of Public Health found women with the highest BPA levels in the body produced 27 percent less viable eggs.


Could Spaghetti-O’s could be getting in the way of your O? Maybe. Canned soups and meals are notoriously high in dietary sodium (a can of Spaghetti-O’s has 1780 mg—as much as 10 bags of Doritos!), which can lead to elevated blood pressure and diminished blood flow to certain parts of the body, including the genitals.


According to a study published in the Central European Journal of Urology, researchers found that high fructose corn syrup — the dietary villain that’s attracted all the wrong kind of attention these days because it’s the main sweetener in soda — increased the risk of erectile dysfunction, because it raises cholesterol levels and damages the arteries in the penis.


When you’re buying fish, always opt for wild over farmed, which is often packed with contaminants. Analyzing 700 salmon bought in stores from Edinburgh, Scotland to Seattle, Washington, a team led by Ronald Hites, PhD, of Indiana University, found that the farmed product contained up to 8 times more PCBs—cancer-causing industrial chemicals that were banned in 1979—than the wild variety. Other chemicals found in farmed fish include dioxins from herbicides (the most famous being Agent Orange). Exposure to PCBs and dioxin has been linked to lower T levels.


Not only is microwavable popcorn one of the 8 Foods Most Likely to Cause Cancer, it’s bad for your erection as well. The culprit in both cases: The lining of the bag. Conventional microwave-popcorn bags are lined with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), also called C8. High levels of PFOA exposure have been linked to lower testosterone levels.


Processed meats contain high levels of saturated fats and cholesterol, which clog the penile arteries, because they’re small and quickly collect plaque.


Cheese is one of the foods highest in saturated fat, which can lead to arterial blockage. And when it comes to both milk and cheese, cows are often fed artificial hormones that have been shown to cause endocrine disruption. In a University of Rochester study published in the journalHuman Reproduction, men who consumed more dairy products had “significantly” less motile sperm than those who consumed less.


With it comes to refined carbs and cheese, pizza is double trouble for your erection. According to a Harvard study, it’s the second-highest contributor to saturated fat intake in America. If you want to completely kill your erection, order a Meat Lover’s Pizza (see #10) and don’t be surprised if that’s the only loving you get tonight.

13. MINT

A study printed in the journal Phytotherapy Research found that spearmint can significantly reduce levels of testosterone, a hormone that plays a big role in libido. In a separate study published in the journalUrology, researchers gave one group of rats water and the others peppermint tea. Ultimately, the rats who drank the tea had lower levels of T. If you like the occasional cup of mint tea, don’t swear off the stuff; just consume it in moderation.

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The Book Of Denial (Chapter 5)

As concerns Aydin.
A young, cherubic Prince.

Of comely countenance and predisposed of good cheer.

Assuredly I have lived; I have lived a life and another.

Pay heed and hearken to my thoughts of a “necessary evil” of sorts my Prince.

The rising and the falling of many a man.

1. Not all vintage is befitting of your status. Or fit to drink. Find your wines only through exhaustive search.

2. Discreetly establish your love of red, white or wine – otherwise. Study to know your ‘Sauvignons’, ‘Merlots’, ‘Chardonnays’ and ‘Semillons’…’Champagnes’ and ‘Sangrias’ … And therein, establish which flavor you prefer.

3. Bad vine. Bad wine.
Take care to know where the grapes your wine is made of comes from. A grape will not fall too far from its vine.

4. Is your wine sealed with a wooden or plastic cork? Were the grapes pressed or trodden? How much alcohol (if any) does it have? Know exactly what you will be drinking.

5. My Prince, as wine ages, it’s fermentation can burst old wineskins. It will inflame and excite you, though not necessarily in a good way. Her age must be factored in, for as long as you keep the wine.

6. Be not of them that mix wines.
Wine will not mix with any other alcoholic beverage for good.
Red ought not to be drunk with white or with wine – otherwise. They seldom mix satisfactorily.

7. Even of your wine, drink sparingly. Though beneficial, do not get drunk with her. Lest you become unfocused and fall prey to her whims. Then be ridiculed, and perceived as weak and unreliable.

Hold fast to these words often my liege. A woman’s love, or not art the demise of royalty not a few.

Two years old as of this day , but thou wilt be king one day.

Let us koinonia often. I have much to impart.

Long live the Prince!

Night Of The Blood Moon


A few weeks ago I was in a bad place. Bills stacking up, financial pledges unfulfilled, everyone was racking in huge numbers but me.

A friend even spent millions to buy just one SUV.

Another one killed close to a million buying our select few champagne… In one night!

My daughter uncharacteristically requested for a few quid, zilch! Nada. Zero. I was broke.

Everyone was making paper but me. I began to mediate on things that were not expedient. I started to entertain the profane in my heart. I was desperate.

Then came all that ruckus about a blood moon.
As a devout stargazer I was immediately intrigued.
And as is customary, I hit Google to see what I could.
I learnt a lot.

I’m one of those people that strange miracles happen to. Always been like that. Dozens of stuff too disturbing to disclose.
I seem to stumble upon the strangest things… Ah, my curious soul!

The most amazing things related to the blood moon jumped at me online. Hours later I put down my tablet quivering with excitement. I had to see this moon.

I set my alarm for 3 am. It was supposed to be at its reddest a few minutes after three.

I crashed at about 11pm sharp as is customary.
My alarm seemed to go off the very next minute.
Groggy but psyched, I pulled on a pair of camouflage combat shorts and then wrestled into a tank top.
Strangely, power was out. But I know my nest blindfolded. I picked my way into my study to fetch my Canon EOS 50D. Zoom lens too.

As soon as I got on my porch, I grimaced. Rain.
Nice try.
I was not going to be deterred. I walked back indoors and dropped the camera and pulled off the tank top. Located a pair of flip flops and stepped out into a mild drizzle.

The houses along my street are fully detached. It’s a lovely neighborhood. Every street has a security man walking that beat. But on a night like this, I knew he would be huddled somewhere sheltered and dry. Guess we don’t pay the security outfit enough.

I started to scan the skies. It was raining in earnest by now. In fairness to the ‘bloody’ moon, the skies had taken on a reddish hue.
Ethereal, beautiful.

A few moments later, the rain stopped suddenly and the clouds parted,  simultaneously.
I looked around and then up to see the reddest moon ever!


“Lord have mercy!” I remember exclaiming in awe.

“Beautiful isn’t she?” a woman commented behind me.

“Yes it is!” I answered without turning.

We are a strange bunch along my street. It was no biggie that there was probably another star gazer there living.

If you say the right words in the right ear, the right things will come aright She quoted.

Right off an ancient text I chanced upon earlier online.

I slowly turned to face her. I felt goosebumps break out all over.

She was stunningly beautiful. Whilst I had the loveliest female neighbors, this one surpassed them all.
This one I had not seen before.
This one, like me, was topless.
She wore just a white wrapper around her waist.
Forgive me for not getting into the details of her bosom, but she was hot. And more importantly, (perv) I thought I was going to die.

She looked, well, red-ish.
I guess I looked the same. I thought it was because the moon was at its fullest, reddest and directly overhead.

“Who are you?” I croaked. Absolutely petrified.
“You know what I am ” she countered. “Will you say the right words?”

“I am not sure I want to.” I slowly stated as she stepped even closer.

“Say the right words and seal them with a kiss. Right here, right now. Or forfeit life for you have reached the crossroads. Many have killed for this moment, many will kill to be in your shoes right now.”

All I could think about was Judas Iscariot. Yup, Judas.

Christ! I constantly amaze even me!!

She was totally in my space by this time. We were practically chest to chest. I think I’d stopped breathing too.

“Say. The. Right. WORDS… Mr President. Or forfeit life.”

Oh she was legit alright. She definitely knew. Too much about what was. And what ought.

Suddenly emboldened by something from within me, I lifted my arms and wrapped my hands around her waist. I felt her sidle even closer.

The world is mine… I have the Light in me…But I will not kiss you.”

I felt her stiffen.

“It is in your best interest that I do not. If I do, your life will become forfeit.” I felt her try to step backwards. I tightened my grip instead and pulled her closer still.

“You can not give me what is already mine. And whatever you have, I have just taken too.” I released her then.

She stumbled backwards. Her wet, red-tinted bosom heaving visibly.

Temper… Temper… 10%…43%…86%…

“You will die!” she hissed at me.
“We will come for your soul soon… If you speak of this to anyone, anything, anywhere… You will die on the spot.”

Some females actually look lovelier when they get mad…

“I’d like to see you again. Please wear a red dress. Red suits you. Let me buy you dinner on that day.” I proposed, stepping forward extending my right hand for a handshake.

She looked at me for a while. Then studied my hand for a bit.
Then she took my hand. Looked at me strangely and then vanished into thin air.

I turned and walked back inside.