Prelude To A “Missing Person”

If you won't be mine No one else will have you How can you not love this? Can't you see that I love you? Now look what you made me do I'm bad when I get upset Sssh... Stop crying... It's only a small cut Stop screaming! No one can hear you!! You must learn … Continue reading Prelude To A “Missing Person”

Should A Man Ever Hit A Woman?

Hehehehe... Hi there! Been a while... You good? I'm good... Yeah... Lovely weather yes? Ooookaaayyy... Right... True story, broad daylight. Busy weekday. Along a major expressway. Car screeches to a halt abruptly, Driver and passenger doors fly open within seconds of each other. Guy jumps out of the drivers side, lady tumbles out of the … Continue reading Should A Man Ever Hit A Woman?

Should You Pay For Sex?

And it came to pass that yours truly,  in compliance with his job description, was posted out to one of the many states in Nigeria. Forgive the ambiguity. Security reasons. As the job (unofficially) demands, the powers that be by the powers vested in them by their offices, desired female entertainment. The onus thereupon fell … Continue reading Should You Pay For Sex?

Love At First Sight

No words are needed Our eyes say it all. We can sense mutual appeal Our 'hello's' are too throaty We can scarcely keep still You demure; I posture I assess; you caress You flaunt; I front I touch; you touch Mutual respect, hearts hopeful Motives suspect, loins on fire Details exchanged, passion stoked Desire unchained, … Continue reading Love At First Sight