Artiste Alert: Jela!




Where to begin?

Seldom have I been rendered speechless by sounds so ethereal. Melodies so haunting that I was tossed, no, transported to realms hitherto unknown.

The artiste delivered a delicate symphony with her words. They were soothing yet sad. Uplifting, yet so melancholy it almost breaks the heart to wonder what experiences lent her these lyrics.

Without, I suspect, meaning to, she has at least touched the ninth gate. Definitely something spiritual about the song.

I was curious to learn more.

I learnt she is a mother and wife.
I learnt she is a lawyer.
A millionaire in her own right… Yeah… She is apparently a shrewd investor.

Her friends ironically label her as talkative… Hmmm… #whenwordsfail eh? When a sanguine is at loss for words, maybe we should be concerned?

Her musical tastes are eclectic. And she is opinionated. Considering her millions, I guess that trait works for her.

The single dropped independent of any record label and boy did she raise a buzz! In the weeks following her songs test run, she has consistently enjoyed airplay on eight radio stations.

Social media is positively aglow with “likes” and “shares” nearing a thousand. While she didn’t ‘break the internet’ (yet I think), the woman is everywhere.

Two bloggers I respect have promoted her for free!
Uhmmm… Make that three.
Listen and you will see why.

If (for reasons based on my IT incompetence) the link doesn't work, please just Google "Music By Jela" or "Angela Omeiza".

The song can be heard or downloaded from reverbnation for free.

Two thumbs up ma'am.

I am a fan.

A Rhapsody Of My Stuff; Celebrating “40”

Thank you Andi Ochu-Baiye.
Thank you Olivia Ejura Alfa Oyibo.
Thank you Angela Ochu-Baiye

I appreciate the honour and time this must have taken.

I bless you all.

I am Dan Ochu-Baiye
Let there be trust
Let there be communication
Let there be; love…

I am fire. I am wind. I am water.
I can warm or burn
I can cool or destroy
I can refresh or drown.

When I touch you
It will be with awe.
When I take you
It will be with honor.
When I hurt you
It will be in error.”

To the goat give shrubbery.
For your input reap milk or flesh.
But the lion; he will take the goat
For your input, maybe your life.

I have always loved you. It has always been you.
The curious blend of your hair length and skin tone, your flair and feminine charms.
Your delicate fragrances, your adorable eyes…they pleasure my eyes.

I will testify of Thine deliverance.
My lips will tell of Your mercies and graces upon Thy servant.
Of how Thou Lord hast enlarged me to their ridicule.
To my glory and for Thy glory.

I am Dan Ochu-Baiye
Stoic, Brutish, Savage, Unimpressed, Brash, Daring, Focused
Truthful, Sweet-ish, Emotive, Composed, Compassionate, Thoughtful
Paradox of paradoxes.