The Birth Control Pill Is Killing Women, But No One’s Warning Them Of The Risk

May 7, 2015 ( — The young newlywed put herself at risk for collapse, stroke, heart attack, and death every day when she popped her birth control pill. Tragically, she had no idea there was any danger. Even medical personnel thought her symptoms were no big deal, and on more than one occasion chalked her symptoms up to dehydration. They never told her it could be that her contraception was causing blood clots.

Her name was Kate. She was a 28-year-old business woman whose story is told in “What Every Woman Needs to Know about Blood Clots” posted on the National Blood Clot Alliance “Stop the Clot” website. Kate’s symptoms started while she was in Hawaii on her honeymoon. She suffered pain in her calf that was so intense it woke her up at night. She went to an orthopedic surgeon, who ordered scans, found no problems, and dismissed her. She forgot about it. Seven months later she passed out in an airport following a flight. Medical personnel said she was dehydrated. 

Completely unknown to her, Kate had developed deep vein thrombosis in her calf. From there, blood clots began breaking off and going to her lungs. These blood clots in the lungs, called pulmonary emboli, “can be life-threatening and in 10-15 percent of cases, cause sudden death,” according to Dr. Jack Ansell. Dr. Ansell is a hematologist and member of the National Blood Clot Alliance’s Medical & Scientific Advisory Board. The Alliance website goes on to quote Dr. Ansell: “The first sign of a PE can be death.”

Thanks to Kate’s mother, a nurse, who suggested that she might have pulmonary emboli, Kate got help and did not die. She caught it before it killed her. Many other women are not so lucky. They don’t learn the truth until it is too late.

The truth is, “(t)he relative risk for thrombosis in patients who take COCs [combined oral contraceptives] is three- to five-fold higher compared with that of nonusers.” Thrombosis means blood clots that can cause stroke, heart attack, blindness, brain damage, and death. Still, women are not warned about the risk of blood clots with their daily steroidal hormone pill. This is serious and senseless deception and negligence.

According to a Canadian Broadcasting Company report in June 2013, birth control pill manufacturer Bayer paid out in excess of $1 billion to settle thousands of birth control pill lawsuits in the United States. Those settlements were all related to two low-dose contraception pills, Yaz and Yasmin. At the same time, an investigation by the CBC revealed that pharmacists suspected the deaths of 23 Canadian women were attributable to those two same pills. 

Miranda Scott, only 18, was working out at the University of British Columbia gym when she fell over backward and died. Her autopsy showed that she died of blood clots throughout her body. She was taking Yasmin at the time of her death. Her mother is now part of a Canadian class action lawsuit against the drug manufacturer, along with hundreds of family members and women who have been harmed or killed by the pill. 

Yet, even as Bayer pays out huge settlements, it says it “stands by” its birth control products. Even Elizabeth Kissling, writing for the radical feminist magazine Ms, is troubled by the cover-up and lack of education and testing women are given before being prescribed the pill. 

“Today . . . young women are again dying from something purported to help them, something that affects mostly women. Thousands more are experiencing life-threatening, health-destroying side-effects, such as blindnessdepression, and pulmonary embolism,” Kissling said, citing accounts of young women who had suffered all these consequences. 

She referenced a first-person account posted on, that highlighted this shocking quote by a young woman who almost died from pulmonary embolism caused by her birth control pill. “‘Isn’t this bizarre?’ [the young woman] asked doctors in the hospital. They shook their heads and informed me that they regularly encountered otherwise healthy young women with blood clots, almost all caused by birth control.”

The pill kills truth. It exists and is prescribed to women amid a swirl of chaos; amidst contradictions and lies; and amidst dead, blind, and profoundly injured women. Prescribing doctors tell women birth control is perfectly safe if they don’t smoke. Emergency room doctors tell women they “regularly encounter otherwise healthy young women with blood clots, almost all caused by birth control.” Billions of dollars are paid out by drug companies to settle lawsuits, while they say they still stand by their contraceptive pills.

Women need to know. Join American Life League and a host of sponsors around the nation on June 6 to expose the lies and shine the light on the truth about the pill. For more information, visit our website,” 





There are things that happen to us that are truly epic. Those incredulous moments where vulgarity or other (in)appropriate expletives would simply not suffice.

Those circumstances that once shared with a second party would replicate that “oh my God!!!” exclamation.

Yes I am aware that a few of us prefer the four letter exclamations…
I’m also aware that even in the presence of divinity; angels and maybe Jesus… You’d still swear and curse by way of exclamations, and then blame it on the devil later (shame on you!)…

There are situations that may arise and the “f” or “s” letter words may not readily come to mind.
Or they may just not be appropriate.

Those moments may be ‘OMG!!!’ moments.

I have a few of such moments:-

1) That jaw-dropping (OMG!!!) moment when you get to meet your wife’s, girlfriend’s, or lover’s ex and the dude looks like a cross between Chewbacca and Groot. And behaves like a cross between Shrek and Bigfoot.

And you find yourself wondering how on earth she spread her legs (or however) to sleep with this E.T?!

Of course you’re no Brad Pitt or Idris Elba yourself, but… Da-yuhmm! “This thing slept with you luv?!”

And then you get to thinking that maybe, maybe, just maybe you shortchanged yourself.

And that she stepped up; and you reached down.

2) That irretrievable (OMG!!!) moment when a respected public figure like a judge or senator or minister makes a statement like;

“notary republic” (notary public)

or “a brown new car” (brand new car)

or “how comes…” (how come)

…on live TV.

3) The awe-inspiring (OMG!!!) moment when you realise that your boo has actually out-eaten or out-drunk your (reasonable) expectations.

Their tendency to gluttony hits you in that instant.

Revulsion laced with wonder grips your soul… You’re hitched to someone that will certainly disgrace you at dinner functions and will one day eat you when they’re hungry!

4) That fart…


You know it when you hear it volcano-ing from your beloveds’ poorly conditioned sphincter or when the stench of their poorly forecast effulgence makes your eyes water in misery, horror and disbelief.

Has it ever roused you from sleep?
No, not the power bike sounding fart… I mean the horror film, demonic presence, sulphuric, cloying repugnance that envelopes you to the point of suffocation till you gasp awake screaming, “Master carest not that I perish?!”

5) So you and your mates are at your favourite spot drinking and someone in the bar that has been drinking all night, (stretches or yawns, then) just slumps face forward dead.


Yes dead.



True story by the way.
One in Nigeria. The other in Ukraine.

We sobered INSTANTLY in Nigeria.

They burst into spontaneous applause in Kiev. The chap there is a legend till this day.

“Vladimir drank himself to death…” They still whisper in admiration.

6) Observing your Traffic Manual’s rules and regulations, you approach a freeway. You slow down because it’s an intersection…when suddenly a speed demon on a power bike blazes past you onto the freeway… And is immediately broadsided by a Porsche Cayenne… The rider is sent flying about ten feet high and floating horizontally about fifteen feet before hitting the asphalt with a sickening thud… And the momentum gained still pushing his crumpled body another foot or so along the asphalt.

Yeah, true story too.

Right before my eyes.

Are you retarded?! Of course he died!!


10(-ish) Things 10 Women Wish Men Knew About Sex


First off, I confess that I am way out of my depth on this one.

For once though, I got the feeling that there were real feelings communicated to me. Leads me to believe that men have fallen short of several ‘glories’ severally.

The blatant honesty I got off my polls led me to change the format I originally intended.

I have left their responses as they were sent to me. Rough, rugged and raw.

I edited redundancies; I made a few interjections where I felt such additions would clarify the writers intentions. Finally typographical errors and a bit of grammar. But the entries are at least 95% original (as they were sent to me).

Citizens… Men of the earth… Gee’s and Gents alike… The Heathen and The Holy…
Ten (-ish) things ten women wish men knew about sex!

“L” Said;

1. Guys need to know how to turn their women on, it’s not all about “open lemme enter”.
2. It’s ok to be a ‘5-minute’ man sometimes, it’s not nice when the guy decides to “hold out” just to “claim” he’s a stallion.
3. Size isn’t all that matters, You can have the size but not use it well, guys need to know what gets their women off.

“Li” said;

1. You need to worship our bodies. No, I’m not asking you to perform ablution or sing a hymn before the act, but guys aren’t the only ones who like their ego stroked. Look at what we have laid out before you (or stood up or bent over), we really want you to look and appreciate it, before you begin. We might be shy or self conscious but we really want to show you, so make us comfortable enough to do so by appreciating the little we initially show. Don’t just turn out the lights, lift the nightgown and pump away. Also, me on my elbows and knees, naked and with my butt in the air is awkward enough, that’s not the time to point out my stretch marks. No “observations” at that time.
2. That having been said, women aren’t always warm and mushy and all about the “love making”, sometimes we just want to be… *ahem*, what four letter words can I use here? Anyway, sometimes we need you to let yourself go and ravish us. We want to know that we have that effect on you, that we can turn you from the suit wearing debonair to a horny cave man. So once in a while, literally carry your woman off from whatever she was doing, if you’re strong enough throw her over your shoulder (watch her head), take her inside (or outside, you degenerate, you!) And just have her.
3. Touch, touch, touch! We know you’re in the zone and want to bump uglies post haste but women like to be touched. Not just her boobs or between her legs. Touch her legs, her thighs, her waist, her tummy. Run your hands (lightly, please, she’s not a ball of Eba*) over her entire body. There are specific erogenous zones, but when a woman is aroused even her hair wants to be touched. There is a caveat here, though: if she’s Black, be very tentative about touching the hair and retreat the minute she gives you ‘the look’, men have lost arms for less.
4. Very important: our jaws hurt when we’ve been giving you head for a while, so unless you’re sleeping with a porn star or its your birthday please be merciful and pull your woman up after a while. For karma. Someone will do it for your sister (or daughter)someday.

“C” said;

I wish he knew that emotion comes first before sex.

“A” Said;

1. for my man or any man….dat sex is not about them but us.
2. If i don’t like something, u shouldn’t insist on it for your pleasure and vice versa except by choice of d person who dislikes.
3. A change of scenery and environment,  time, anything is essential to keep sex alive… Same of same does not work….especially if its working for just u.

“Ch” Said;

1. Being sensitive without my telling him what to do (For) e.g. not suckling one breast for too long leaving the other jealous.
2. Being creative and adding new skills. 3. Learning to climax when I am set too.

“J” Said;

1. Sometimes my psyche needs to be stimulated more than my body to get me in d mood (do something nice and unexpected, play mind games; #wink#)
2. When he eventually finds that clit with his tongue (oh!) not finger,  he shld softly but firmly lick it up n down, round and round until I beg him to stop…….lol.
3. Will let u know when I think of number ‘3’.

“Ju” Said;

1. Foreplay very necessary! Not sharp- sharp (quick) one o. Prolonged (foreplay) not bad (at all): smile…
2. “BO” (body odour) and “MO” (mouth odour)nah. Turn off. Hygiene key!
3. Knowing sensitive areas is key for orgasm. (For) Some it’s the boobs, genital area bla bla bla… There shld be consideration in the “act”.

“E” Said;

1. For one, don’t try to do too much all at once…everything just seems confused.
2. Some of us like dirty talk…cos in that moment, it’s legal. so if you don’t know you better ask somebody…mhmmm?!
3. And finally, hmmm…I wish y’all knew you ought to take a shower cos d smell of sweat, instant turn off. goes for the mouth too….:roll:

“A” Said;

1. Every woman can tell when a man desires her by the way he looks at her and his gentle touch even when they pass by each other. When a woman knows she is wanted she looks forward to sex with him and creates the atmosphere for it because in the act of sex she gives all of herself to him which is what I believe her man would love.
2) A woman who is clear about what she wants for herself is greatly turned on by a man who isn’t insecure about her dreams and aspirations but supports them and goes out of his way to make them a reality and (thus) empowering her alongside. He becomes the man she goes to for everything including sex because in discussing matters that require intelligence which she is- intelligent, he stimulates her mind and that eventually translates to her body because the sight of her man brings her in tune with him. She reads his signals easily as she is a woman whose mind has been unraveled by her mind concerning what is of importance to her.

“R” Said;

A good header.

The women have spoken. Honestly, openly and I perceive, truthfully.

God bless women worldwide.

Lovealways ladies.

*Eba: is a staple food eaten in West Africa, particularly in the Southern parts of Nigeria made from cassava (manioc) flour, known in West Africa as Gari


I feel your pain. I am black and grew up in Africa. Physical discipline was often high-handed and meted out in surplus.
Like you, I turned out okay… Well, mostly depending on who you ask.
Keep your head up!


I’m not black, and I’ve never been persecuted for my skin color. But. I know what it’s like to endure years of unrelenting abuse at the hands of power.

If you’ve never experienced it, if your mind can’t grasp the scale, then maybe this personal story will help you understand.

My mother beat the shit out of me from 3 to 13. CRUNCH! There’s no suitable onomatopoeia for the sound of an adult’s hand belting a child across the face. There’s no word that describes what it’s like to feel your cartilage ring. She’d backhand me across the face for nothing, out of nowhere. She’d beat me with whatever was handy — spoon, belt, hand — and she’d always scream at me that it was my fault. I made her do it. There was always a reason, always a transgression. “You’re only hurting yourself!” CRACK!

By the time I was…

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