ATTN: Valentine Alert For All Men!

Culled from: The Business Insider

Women, apparently, don’t want chocolates or flowers for Valentine’s Day.

According to Birkbeck University and Harley Street clinics in London, it’s a romantic meal for two and sex toys.

After hooking up 20 volunteer couples to special electroenchephalogical (EEG) headsets, scientists measured women’s brain-wave patterns in response to gifts from their partners.

The results showed that gifts most likely to make women smile are:

Romantic meal for two 75%
Female sex toys 65%
Lingerie 60%
Red roses 30%
Chocolates 25%

“Humans have a feel-good factor which is activated by anything that promotes the survival of the species such as eating, drinking, and sex,” independent psychologist Dr. Beverly Steffert said. “When receiving a gift, people are also able to think ahead and delay immediate gratification for a longer-term reward.”

The commissioners of the research, the female-sex-toy brand Smile Makers, were of course more than pleased with the results.

“We love the fact that British women prefer gifts that demonstrate a sense of fun and imagination over traditional, clichéd presents like chocolates and roses,” Peder Wikstroem at Smile Makers said.

So put away those bouquets and Milk Trays; otherwise you’ll make women’s brains sad:

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