Why I Blew My Nose Into Your New Year Resolution(s)

Stop it!

It did not work last year. It will most likely fail epically this year too.

A happy New Year to you!
(Auld Lang Syne softly playing in my head as I write…)

We made it!

Okay, okay… Enough with the corniness…

Why do you torture yourself with “New Year Resolutions”?
What is it about the first of January that would suddenly cure you of procrastination? Or endow you with resolve?

At a basic level, all 365 days of the year are the same. At this normal stage of awareness, no day is imbued with more magic than others. Certainly not January the first. So whatever needs accomplishing may be done on any God-given day you choose to act.

It’s not really a fresh start either; let’s face it, you are older… Maybe hungover… And not necessarily wiser. It’s quite frankly just another day. Like May 16th or August 7th.

January the 1st is unique simply because the number ‘1’ is the first number you have learned or heard. Whatever glory or symbolism you ascribeย to January the first could also be accrued to the first day of other months.

Nike says it best, ” Just Do It. ”

Don’t delay.

Think as briefly as the venture requires… And then attack your “toad” or “gold”.

Whatever needs to be done, attack it NOW!

Get on top of that situation.

Own it!
Make it!!

Procrastination is the enemy of illumination. It is the darkening/benumbing of the mind.
It is the light at the end of a perpetual tunnel…A light you will never reach for reasons conjured by procrastination.

True light cannot be hid. In truth, darkness is transient. It is light that always suffers the injustice of “attempted concealment “, by (it’s archenemy) darkness.

Nothing stops you my friends (ehmmmm…Note2Self).

All things are yours.

All things.

Yet not all things are expedient. But, that is another path (upon which we shall not tread today).

I wish you the will to look. The eye to see. And the vision to be.

I earnestly pray that what you see, you become… In line with the brightest and purest of Lights.

I welcome you not to 2015, but just to another day.
A day the Lord has made… Laden with potential. Make it, and all other days count in your favour.

Shine bright my friends.

Dan Ochu-Baiye

Large. Curious. Reads a lot. Wild. Loves lions and tigers. Music. Gym. Hiking. Loud music.

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