Child Of My Heart

Child of my heart
Fruit of love
Beloved from the start
Sent from above.

Love of my life
Daughter of my youth
Mitigator of strife
Speaker of truth.

I loved you before
I love you forever
There’s so much in store
Wealth, health and laughter.

Birthday blessings sweet Sage
I wish you life’s best
Shine brighter with age
My best; my rest, my first.

11 thoughts on “Child Of My Heart

  1. “Your daddy love come with a lifetime guarantee”
    – Sade and a Marley (don’t remember which).

    Happy birthday to the sweetheart and more powder to your dane gun as the season swiftly approaches.

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      1. i have d dane gun…. not she…except if u want to use urs on her behalf….

        meanwhile i gathered as much dat it was for baby….eventually, hence my pleading dat u dont spoil her…or do men still spoil dier wives after like 3 kids rite? OR do dey call demselves “daddy’s baby gal”? ewwwww


      2. Wasn’t too sure whether to laugh or be pensive at your last comment. Then I remembered your mischievous eyes…lol…I miss our days of youth and freedom. Imagine, we are discussing children these days. Our kids!!!

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